Talentdash was incorporated as part of vsource services as of March 2020.

There are no changes in the overall service agreement but you can expect an even better level of service and support from our team of experts at vsource.

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Here is a brief glimpse of vsource's products and services:

SalesCatapult: Boost your Sales team's productivity by receiving a steady flow of curated contacts that match your target profiles. How are we helping our clients at this moment of change in the market?
* Supplying curated lists of key contacts
* Enriching/refreshing data to help with classification of targets
* Providing contact information for lists of attendees/members of events, groups, and organizations

Talent Sourcing:  increase candidate sourcing with a daily curated list of qualified candidates enabling your recruiters to become more efficient and cost-effective in their search.

Diversity Sourcing: sourcing to target your specific diversity needs as well as job requirements. Fill the top of your recruitment funnel with diverse and suitable candidates. Our platform gives you insights into the diverse make up of your sourced talent pool, as well as experience and education related data so you can be sure you are making the right hire.

Talent Engagement: An opportunity to turn your passive candidate leads into active candidates. Best candidates are often passive talent, but many recruiters spend too much of their time filtering through their pipelines to find candidates that are interested in their open roles. vsource can save you this time.
Our specialist team will reach out to sourced candidates on your behalf and perform initial screening before passing the candidates to you.

Candidate Refresh: in times of change, an updated candidate database is the best advantage you and your company can have. Are you maintaining your data so that you know who to contact and how to reach them when it’s time to hire? The quality of your candidate database is what differentiates hiring a new employee quickly and efficiently from months of lost time and opportunity.

Advanced Analytics / Talent Mapping: Aggregated marketing and business intelligence services allowing you to be better positioned and prepared for a changes in the hiring demand. The main services are Market Intelligence (availability, skills, location, universities, salary expectation, propensity to engage, competition analysis), Employee movement, Competitive Intelligence, Hiring Competitiveness among many other tailor analysis.

The move from TalentDash to vsource allows you to have a complete suite of services from a Sales boost to Sourcing and to HR intelligence.

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About vsource

vsource is a talent sourcing platform that blends smart technology with human intuition to help recruiting teams become more efficient. We support recruiting teams in several moments of the recruitment process with services such as Talent Sourcing, Diversity Sourcing, Talent Engagement, and Talent Mapping.

As a proud Irish company with teams across the globe, we engaged with clients such as Pandora, Amazon, Activision, Blizzard, Validant, and many more.


vsource values


We are not fixed in our approach. We acknowledge that change is necessary. We continuously adapt based on our observations. We are always looking for ways to improve.


We value the truth. We gather information that will help us to make better decisions. We attempt to validate our assumptions. We can rationalise & justify own points of view. We acknowledge our mistakes and try to learn from them.


We say what we'll do and we do what we say. We are active in attempting to overcome barriers. We are verbose in communicating our progress.