What is talent mapping?

Talent Mapping is an aggregated service that allows you to be better positioned and prepared for a rising in the hiring demand.  

Typical questions addressed in Talent Mapping include, among many others:

  • "Where are the Talent Clusters in a given geography for this pool of talent?"
  • "If we were to open a new office for the purposes of engaging with potential candidates, where should the office be located?"
Here is an example of how results are presented using an interactive Tableau dashboard

Why do I need talent mapping?

There are many benefits to talent-mapping, but we will share the 3 most significant ones:

  • Market Intelligence

    Knowing who is available in the market. What skills exist. Where they’re working. What universities they come from. What salaries they expect. Who is likely to respond to outreach.  What your competitors are up to.

  • Reduced Time to Hire

    Having a database of known candidates on hand means when an opportunity arises, you know who to call.  The better you nurture and engage with this talent pool, the more likely they are to respond to outreach.

  • Confidence to Deliver

    A talent map acts like an inventory of skill sets available in different locations that can arm your sales team with up to date knowledge and the confidence that we can get to the people needed for the job.


Talent Mapping can be extended to also include:

  • Employee Movement
    • Identifying trajectories and patterns in employee movement

    • Helping to see where talent tends to come from, and where they go

    • Helps to identify up-and-coming companies in your competitive landscape

  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Keeping an eye on your competitors and their activity in the marketplace

    • Tracking relative positioning in the market for several key metrics

    • Being alerted by major events and changes of direction in your industry

  • Hiring Competitiveness
    • Comparing Supply vs Demand of Talent at key locations

    • Identifying the availability of talent, matched against the hiring demand

    • For a given customer list, or for the market in general