What is talent mapping?

Talent Mapping is a research project generating insight from qualitative and quantitative data about candidates in your targeted Talent Market.



Key benefits of Talent Mapping

There are many benefits to talent-mapping, but we will share the 3 most significant benefits as concisely as we can.

  • Support strategic decision making:
    Ensure you and your team have the information you need to make big strategic decisions from the talent acquisition strategy to new site locations.
  • Identify emerging skill sets:
    Predict the future of the skill sets in the talent market and at your competitors.
  • Validate the talent acquisition strategy:
    Back your talent acquisition strategy with data, giving you the confidence to deliver.
  • Investigate high-value talent pools:
    Identify untapped talent pools based on titles, skills, and locations. Generate human insight in a first touch discussion with candidates.
  • Prepare your talent pipeline:
    Get a head start on talent acquisition with a realistic understanding of the market before potential hiring.

Expected insights 

With a tech enabled talent search and a survey backed with human intuition we generate qualitative and quantitative data about the Talent Market to back your strategic decisions.TalentMapping - Expected insights