What is talent mapping?

Talent Mapping is simply an analysis of the talent pool according to a set of criteria. It should be an on-going process that takes place even before there is a job vacancy. A talent map will be able to aggregate candidates according to categories such as profile, industry, or even location.


Why do I need talent mapping?

There are many benefits to talent-mapping, but we will share the 3 most significant benefits as concisely as we can.


  • Discovers passive candidates for you

    Sometimes, the ideal candidate that you are looking for may not be actively looking for a new position. Or sometimes, your ideal candidate may not be on social media—which is where you are doing your search. Talent mapping is able to map out the location of your ideal candidate, even if he/she is at a secluded corner of the talent universe.

  • Enables you to build your talent pipeline

    Reaching out to your ideal candidates requires time and effort. Having a talent map is a long-term investment that ultimately ensures that you have a robust talent pipeline for your company for future growth.

  • Empowers you to make better decisions

    With a map of the talent pool, you can make an informed decision for your next hire. No more settling for less just because you only have limited choices.