Engaging with talent as early as possible increases your chances of long-term success.
Not only does it allow you to identify those higher-quality candidates sooner but it also improves your response rates, and helps create that positive candidate experience that is so very important.

What is vsource's Talent Engagement?

Our Talent Engagement team advises, enables and empowers our clients to find the best talent, optimize outreach and qualify candidates. We achieve this through a scalable, tech enabled, data driven consultative service.

On your behalf we:

  • Source the best candidates using vsource's Talent Candidate Sourcing  
  • Outreach and attract high quality candidates using our tailored engagement process
  • Engage and pre-qualify responsive talent
  • Interview the candidates ensuring they are qualified, interested and relevant to your company, role and cultural fit needs
  • Handover the right candidates to your recruitment team for progressing with the recruitment process.

Here are some of the benefits

TE - icon - QIR

Qualified, Interested, Relevant (QIR) Talent

Our team will outreach and attract candidates and ensure that they are qualified, interested and relevant before we pass them onto you. We want our clients talking to the right people.


TE - icon - time saving

Increased Efficiency

We improve our clients' recruiting teams efficiency by allowing them to focus on Qualified, Interested and Relevant candidates and avoid wasting time chasing lost opportunities.


TE - icon - candidate insights

Candidate Insights

Through our candidate conversations we understand what candidates are looking for in a new role, regarding remuneration, location and preferred working environments. These insights will enable you to optimise your talent strategy.


TE - icon - candidate pipelining

Candidate Pipelining

Talent Engagement can help you hire future talent. We pipeline candidates through our outreach process and gather data on any candidates that may be coming available for future projects.


vsource's Talent Engagement approach


Here are the results you can expect

Before anything else, our tech-enabled sourcing experts will match and calibrate a daily curated list of candidates that will fuel the engagement process, creating a Talent Pool that you can access at any moment and even import into your ATS/CRM.
Our Talent Engagement experts will then contact and qualify the candidates. This allows the hiring managers to have access to more than double the amount of qualified, interested, and relevant candidates without wasting time with dead-ends. Results will vary depending on elements such as your brand, the industry, and desirability of the role, location, etc.

The funnel below exemplifies our average results:


Don't take our word for it, below are some examples of our work

Pharmaceutical consulting firm
This company works predominantly with freelance consultants.
The vsource Talent Engagement team helps continuously contact and pipeline existing consultants in the market for projects while also sourcing new candidates to be used on future contracts resulting in over 120 pre-screen interviews a month saving the recruiters vast amounts of time to focus on interested candidates and speed up hires.
International Beverage Company
Our Talent Engagement Team intensively reaches out to passive candidates and conducts pre-screen calls to determine the candidate’s suitability for the role.
This allows the internal hiring team to concentrate on taking active candidates forward in the recruitment process.
The volume and the quality of the profiles sourced allied with the streamlined process resulted in top priority hires being completed.
We also pipelined candidates during a hiring freeze as a result of COVID-19.
US Insurance Company
The Talent Engagement team supports this client by providing candidates for partnership positions.
We use our tried and tested approach to engage candidates and conduct pre-screen calls to establish their interest and relevance to the opportunity.
We are partnering with their internal team and providing 60 solid leads for their recruiters a month to follow up on instead of chasing down lost causes.
Construction Consulting Company
To meet this client’s needs we have an onsite full-time dedicated consultant collaborating with the internal recruitment team on their individual and collective projects.
We outreach to candidates sourced by vsource and the client’s talent sourcing team.
We activate passive candidates, conduct pre-screen interviews, and set up hiring manager interviews.

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About vsource

vsource can help your growth by empowering your company to build a diverse and capable workforce. We support you by finding top talent, qualifying candidates, and providing insights into the talent market. This is achieved through a scalable, tech-enabled, and data-driven Talent Engagement service.


What we offer

Some of our services that will be or can be incorporated in the Talent Engagement service are: Talent Sourcing, Diversity Sourcing, Candidate Refresh, Talent Mapping and SalesCatapult.