What is Talent Engagement from vsource?

Talent Engagement from vsource is an opportunity to turn your passive candidate leads into active candidates. While we know that the best candidates are often passive talent, many recruiters spend too much of their time filtering through their pipelines to find candidates that are interested in their open roles. vsource can save you this time.


Our specialist team will reach out to sourced candidates on your behalf and perform initial screening before passing the candidates to you. Learn more below.


How does it work?

Our Talent Sourcing team will take your search requirements and source candidates as usual. Once they have compiled a list of candidates for your search, our Talent Engagement team will attempt to contact each candidate on the list and pre-screen them. We will then pass the list to you with all the information you need to succeed.

What do you mean by pre-screen?

Our Talent Engagement team are specialists in what they do - but they cannot know your company or your needs as well as you do. Instead of interviewing or making decisions on your behalf, they will

  • Confirm contact information and ensure all data is up to date
  • Verbally verify that the information we have found is accurate
  • Explain why they are calling and gauge interest from the candidate in hearing from you

WHAT methods do you use to contact the candidates?

We use a variety of methods, depending on the sourced information available. These include email, LinkedIn InMail, and by phone. We will attempt to contact the candidates several times to maximize our success rates.



That's a great question! Recruitment marketing is so important, and you need to know your brand is safe with us. When you choose to turn on Talent Engagement, you will have several options to customize your engagement. These will include options regarding the use of your employer brand like whether or not you would like us to disclose the company we are sourcing for, or whether or not you would like us to use an email address from your domain. In many cases, you will also have the option to remain anonymous until you wish to speak to the candidates.


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