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Here you will find a series of webinars hosted by vsource featuring the input of thought leaders on several different topics.

The first one in the series is on TA leadership and its strategic value in the overall organization.

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Juliano Allegrini
Director of Growth Marketing

TA securing a spot at the Exec Table

Companies and business leaders are starting to understand the strategic value of Talent Acquisition in the organization and opening a space for TA leaders at the Exec Level.
The first in the vsource webinar series took a close look at how you and your organization can prepare for this shift in attitude towards TA leadership.



Why Watch it?

Our panel has TA leaders who already know what it's like to sit at the exec table. They outlined how to establish TA as a strategic function, how to transform TA for its new position, how to apply modern measures to TA performance, and much more!

This is your chance to watch a discussion with key thought leaders in talent acquisition. An opportunity to learn valuable takeaways from an event that will break new ground on a topic that will soon become the talk of the industry.

Brian Merical (vsource), alongside panelist Matt Valentino (Calico) bring their expert knowledge and practical advice to TA leaders ready to take Talent Acquisition to the Exec Table.



vsource hosted a FREE online interactive webinar
"TA, Securing a spot at the Exec Table"
presented by Brian Merical from vsource and with guest panelist Matt Valentino from Calico

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vsource developed this webinar to discuss how TA leaders can add strategic value to the organization.
We discussed how to transform TA into a strategic advisor, best practices for working with other leaders and many other topics.

What you will learn

  • How TA and recruitment are really perceived at the Exec level
  • Best practices when working with other leaders from Finance, Engineering, R&D, etc.
  • How to transform TA from being a provider to a strategic advisor
  • How using the right information and data can support strategic growth
  • What metrics are used by modern Talent Acquisition leaders?
  • The must-have experience, knowledge, and competencies to influence at exec level
  • The people, technology, and processes needed for success
  • Where to start - even if your organization is just at the beginning of its transformation

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for Talent Acquisition leaders, managers, and recruiters that want to hear from industry leaders about how TA can and should have strategic input at the very highest level.




The Panel


Matt Valentino

Head of Talent - Calico Life Sciences

20 years of progressive recruitment, talent acquisition, and HR experience.

A thought leader who has scaled innovative TA teams at Validant, Pandora, and Calico.


Brian Merical

VP Sales - vsource

15+ years of experience building high performing teams sales teams and growing, establishing, and transforming businesses in the recruitment space for some of the world's largest recruitment companies.

Past experiences include Allegis Group in Australia and Aerotek in the USA.


Juliano Allegrini

Director of Growth Marketing - vsource

20+ years of experience in marketing with additional sales and technical experience. Worked for major companies in Ireland, EMEA and Latin America including EDS, Citroen, LG, Acxiom and Solarwinds.

Passion for languages, native speaker of English and Portuguese, fluent in Spanish and with basic Italian.

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So why is this? Don’t CEOs often speak of their employees being their most valuable resource?
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"It’s all about the data: TA & Data - speaking the language of the CEO"
Spend any time in a board meeting or chatting with the CEO about work-related matters and very soon one thing becomes clear — c-level executives are all about the data.
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"The effect of Talent Acquisition on your bottom line"

Talent acquisition leaders often struggle to have their voices heard at board level.
While the work they do is seen as an essential component of a company’s growth, their input is rarely taken into account when major decisions are made at board level. But could CEOs be making a big mistake in not allowing their TA leaders a seat at the executive table?
We certainly think so, and here’s why.
Talent acquisition, as you may have guessed, is all about acquiring the talent that helps a company improve its performance. Unlike recruitment, it’s rarely about filling positions and more about finding that something that is currently missing from the team.  It’s not about driving revenue nor is it about boosting sales. Or is it? Read more...


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