We Play Well With Others

At vsource, we integrate with a wide range of the leading Applicant Tracking Systems. This helps you to streamline your recruitment process, and helps your recruiters to be as efficient as possible, saving massive amounts of time and allowing them to focus on the most important tasks. With the vsource integrations you can:

  • Seamlessly push candidates directly from vsource to your ATS or CRM software
  • Sync candidate resumes easily into your system and attach to the associated candidate profile
  • Submit candidates to the relevant job within your ATS making it easier for you to reach out to them quickly

Our ATS integration also includes additional advanced features to maintain data integrity and move things along quickly, while keep everything organized and in sync.

  • When a job is created in your ATS it will be sent to vsource so we can start sourcing immediately
  • The recruiter associated with a job in your ATS is automatically associated with the job created in vsource
  • Duplicate checking ensures that we don't submit a candidate that you are already aware of

Our Integrations

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Don't see your ATS here? Contact us today to discuss your integration options.