Studies show that 20-40% of the average Salesperson’s time is spent prospecting.

Get that time back by receiving a steady flow of curated contacts that match your target profiles!

What is SalesCatapult?

vsource's SalesCatapult process

Cutting Edge Prospecting Technology allied with an Expert Research Team giving you Sales prospects aligned with your specific criteria!

How does it work?

  1. Set the initial requirements: Work with your Delivery Manager to define your criteria
  2. Review and refine: Check the initial data and give feedback to help us optimize your results
  3. Put the data to work: Incorporate the leads into your sales process

Why choose SalesCatapult?

  • Impact the bottom line by freeing up Sales Teams for higher-value activities
  • Get nuanced insights on real-time data researched by humans, not a database export
  • Leverage flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the market and your strategy
  • Build consistency at the top of your sales funnel

How are we helping our clients?

  • Supplying curated lists of key contacts that meet specifications
  • Enriching/refreshing data to help with classification of targets
  • Providing contact information for lists of attendees/members of events, groups, and organizations


vsource's SalesCatapult Sales Leads for you
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