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Case Studies & Testimonials

"vsource has been a huge part of our success here at Pandora."

Learn how vsource helped Pandora to hire rapidly at scale, while also maintaining very high-quality standards.


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Matt Valentino
Senior Director of Recruiting Pandora

"As our needs have changed over the years the vsource team has worked with us to refine our sourcing and pipelining process which has led to high-quality results."

BridgeView IT is expected to deliver a high volume of technically proficient candidates, and vsource has already saved their recruiters 87,000 hours.


Read the full case study here

Nick Nordin
VP, New England, BridgeView IT

The candidate you sourced has just been offered! It’s amazing that it happened within one and a half months’ engagement with vsource! This is a tough search given the limited talent pool in Singapore! Bravo!

TechFuture required a full talent sourcing solution so their team could focus on strategic value-added activities.


Read the full case study here

Alice An
Managing Director, TechFuture Executive Search

"vsource has been an excellent additional tool for a busy recruiting team with varying priorities and a business that has fluctuating numbers of requirements. It's been very productive and easily integrated into our recruitment process with a very user-friendly system"


Rachel O'Brien
Senior Recruitment Business Partner, McAfee

"vsource has repeatedly exceeded our expectations by providing creative solutions to our technical challenges, and executing with real efficiency."


Maya Kraft
SVP, Human Resources and Corporate Compliance, Validant

vsource Webinar serieS

Diversity and Inclusion - Beyond the Tech Stack WebinarA practical approach on successfully rolling out Diversity with Vera Whole Health, a US, Seattle-based, health company. A live case study of Vera's process discussing main areas of the implementation:

* Asking the right questions - What questions you should/should not ask during the hiring process

* Identifying what sources can help find the desired audience - What works and when it works
* Selecting and Implementing the best Processes and Tools - How to go about and select something that works
Defining the Metrics and Goals - How to measure the impact you are making

Diversity and Inclusion - Challenges with Post-Conventional Diversity in the New Hybrid World WebinarDo the recent worldwide changes help pave the way for more inclusive and diverse hiring strategies or actually hinder efforts in D&I programs?

* Best practices - Benefits of having a broad Diversity and Inclusion hiring strategy
* What is trending in the Diversity and Inclusion space and how to transform that into actions
* What technology is available out there supporting a D&I hiring strategy?
* People and processes - How to rally your available resources towards a unified strategy
* Where to start - even if your organization is just at the beginning of its transformation

Talent Acquisition securing a spot at the Exec Table WebinarCompanies and business leaders are starting to understand the strategic value of Talent Acquisition in the organization and opening a space for TA leaders at the Exec Level. How you and your organization can prepare for this shift in attitude towards TA leadership.

* Best practices, How to transform TA from being a provider to a strategic advisor
* How using the right information and data can support strategic growth
* The people, technology, and processes needed for success, Where to start