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Greenhouse makes companies great at hiring, improving the process for everyone involved — from hiring managers and recruiters to candidates themselves. Learn more about Greenhouse ATS features below. One of our most customizable integrations, vsource works fluidly with Greenhouse ATS to create custom integrations which include

  • Pulling job requirements from Greenhouse to begin sourcing immediately
  • Seamlessly pushing liked candidates from vsource into Greenhouse
  • Attaching CVs or resumes to each candidate pushed to Greenhouse
  • Submitting each candidate to the relevant job or pipeline in Greenhouse
  • Pulling users from Greenhouse to create user accounts in vsource
  • Placement reports (advanced custom integrations)
  • Custom tags (advanced custom integrations)
  • Checking candidate notes in Greenhouse and attaching candidate notes from vsource to candidates in Greenhouse (advanced custom integrations)

To learn more, or set up your vsource integration with Greenhouse, contact us.

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