Breezy HR

End to End recruiting software with collaboration, reporting and candidate engagement.

Delightfully easy to use and feature rich, Breezy makes simple recruiting and hiring software for all. From custom database management and collaborative team recruiting features to easy multi-system job posting and social sharing, Breezy HR can help your team get ahead. To be even more proactive in your search, vsource can integrate with Breezy HR to ensure your candidates move directly from vsource into your Breezy HR database. Learn more about Breezy HR below.

Integration features with Breezy HR include

  • Pulling job requirements posted in Breezy to vsource to begin sourcing immediately
  • Pushing your liked candidates into your Breezy HR database
  • Submitting those candidates to the correct open job.


If you are interested in learning more about integrating your Breezy HR system with vsource, please contact us.

Category: CRM

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