Sourcing on a larger scale

vsource uses highly skilled tech-enabled sourcing consultants, with expertise in a variety of industries to deliver the highest quality candidates to you. Let your recruiters get back to doing what they do best – connecting with candidates and securing placements. In combining technology with human expertise and intuition, vsource increases your chances of finding the right candidates in the right time frame. Our tech-enabled sourcing consultants identify candidates by researching location, specialized skills, career mobility and more. Candidate profiles are delivered quickly and efficiently through our user-friendly portal or directly to your ATS, meaning you can reach out to them today.
Large Scale Sourcing at vsource


Inspect your talent pool

Get to know your talent pool

Our tech-enabled sourcing consultants are industry experts. Their knowledge and the help of your own Client Solutions Manager will broaden your view of the available talent pool. After you make a placement, our data reporting details  the top competitors for the role, so when you’re ready for your next hire, a pipeline of candidates is already waiting for you. Reduce the cost of turnover by having the next candidate lined up - avoid starting your search anew.

Find the right candidate the first time

Expanding your pool of candidates through vsource increases the likelihood of a successful placement. Our interface is easy to us and cloud-based  to easily distribute across your team. Strengthen your talent acquisition strategy through weekly progress reports and data insights.
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If you'd like to develop further your sourcing strategy, read our guide below:

5-step sourcing strategy playbook