Expanding Diversity in your Workforce

Did you know that many companies whose senior management teams are more than 15% female report a 5% higher return on equity? Many studies have shown the benefits of diversity in the workplace, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Let vsource guide you to a more inclusive and diverse recruitment process with our range of services below and our diversity guide.

Labor Law Compliance (EEOC)

Providing equal opportunity to candidates of all backgrounds is one of the greatest challenges modern companies face in labor law compliance. At vsource, our Customer Success team will help you optimize your existing sourcing strategy to achieve your specific diversity goals - whether they include ethnic diversity, generational diversity or closing the gender pay gap.

Take advantage of a strategy consultation today to improve your diversity recruitment.

Set Realistic Diversity Goals

It's perfectly fine to say that you would like to introduce gender or ethnic parity at your company, but is that a realistic goal? Working with the vsource Customer Success team throughout your engagement allows you to set achievable and measurable goals based on your industry and region.

Harness our industry knowledge to set realistic top-of-the-funnel diversity percentage targets, and get more out of Diversity Sourcing at vsource.


 How it Works 

diversity-search-icon.pngOptimized Diversity Sourcing searches to target your specific diversity needs as well as job requirements. Fill the top of your recruitment funnel with diverse and suitable candidates.

Diversity-amplify.pngvsource Amplify platform gives you insights into the diverse make up of your sourced talent pool, as well as experience and education related data so you can be sure you are making the right hire.
diversity-blind-hiring.pngAdditionally, built-in specified diversity requirements allow you to beat unconscious bias in your team and improve your company's diversity with confidence. diversity-expert.pngIf you're not sure where to start, our Customer Success team is there to guide you. From advice in goal-setting, to quality control, we are dedicated to ensuring you make the right hire every time.