Do you engage with all of your applicants even when they aren’t in the running?
What damage is being done by “black hole” job postings?


In recent years, there has been a 40% increase in Candidate Resentment based on their job-seeking journey. On average, this resentment generates a net loss of almost $2,000 in consumer spend per hire you make.

What if that loss in revenue could be turned to profit, while simultaneously improving your candidates’ relationship with the company?

Candidate Review by vsource directly impacts the candidate experience, reduces resentment, increases brand reputation, and helps you quickly identify the best candidates that have expressed an interest in joining your organization.

Get your recruiting team focused on high-value activities, and leave the Candidate Review with vsource.

What is Candidate Review from vsource?


Candidate Review is exactly what it sounds like - we help you make sure that everyone that took the time to apply to your roles gets attention and the appropriate response. We make sure they know where they stand, what to expect, and can even collect valuable data on your behalf.

Main benefits of this increased level of engagement:

  • Engage with the best prospects faster
  • Improve your employer brand
  • Reduce resentment towards your company/product

How does Candidate Review work?


We work hand-in-hand with you to design the review process and define the criteria of who you want added to your pipeline for you.

Thanks to vsource, those that don’t meet your requirements are still able to get the feedback and respect that they deserve without additional effort on your part.

Why use Candidate Review?

Candidate-Why-use-Candidate-ReviewClearly you want some data points to rationalize the decision of proceeding with a Candidate Review process.
We based our offer on Talent Board’s 2019 Candidate Experience Awards Research Report.
Main research findings:
  1. The biggest challenge is Resentment.
    • Candidate resentment can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

  2. Feedback is key:
    • When given feedback willingness to increase their relationship with the employer goes up 20%
    • Resentment rate decreases by 29%"
    • "Their overall “great experience” increases over 20%"
    • "There’s a 148% increase in great candidate experience and willingness to increase the relationship with the organization.

  3. Get in touch:
    • Keeping in touch with candidates has been shown to increase their overall experience."
    • "Keeping candidates informed demonstrates respect for their time and job search process."
    • "Delivering a rejection over the phone can leave the candidate with a positive impression (29% higher than email messages)


How are we helping our clients?


Each company has different needs, each business unit has different processes or challenges, so flexibility and broad scope are a must with our Candidate Review service.
For your specific requirements, book a call with our sales team and they will advise you on the best way forward.
See below sample activities related to candidate review that we provided in the past.
  • Data Integrity
    Organizing candidates
    Candidate classification
    Ranking and defining applicants
    Segmenting candidate profiles into personas
  • Candidate Engagement
    Per category
    Via different channels (email, text, voice)

  • Candidate Review, Feedback, and Research
    Raise awareness of candidate dissatisfaction and possible ways to address it
    Present high potential candidates that were not matched
    Candidate talent pool curation

  • Data Visualization
    Applicant's data by source


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