A Move To Proactive Recruitment

A broad pipeline of passive candidates is every recruiter's key to faster, more efficient hires. The modern equivalent of a rolodex, a warm and engaged candidate pipeline allows you to pick up the phone as soon as a new open role hits your desk. If your applicants are missing the mark, use the contacts in your pipeline to suggest a suitable candidate and recommend you to their contact!


Become Less Dependent On Your Talent Brand

When you have an active and engaged talent pipeline for your upcoming hires, you are less affected by the overall company brand and less reliant on a Marketing department to create your fanfare. Reactive hiring is heavily reliant on talent branding and recruitment marketing. Building and maintaining your talent pipeline with vsource puts you back in control - the ultimate move to proactive recruitment.

Talent Mapping

In addition to using the candidate pipeline to hire for immediate needs, building an industry pipeline with vsource is a great start to mapping the talent pool. Mapping allows you to view where qualified candidates are currently working, previous projects, and the availability of talent in your location. Use this information to define and execute campaigns that attract the best talent to your company. If you'd like to go deeper with a full talent mapping project, get in touch today and a member of our Customer Success team would be happy to walk you through it.

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