January 03, 2018 8:35 AM

Why Freelancers Should Be Your Next Candidates

Last week we shared our final big prediction for 2018 as we discussed the end of the gig economy as we know it. And it got us thinking about how you can take advantage of this major upheaval in the freelancing world to improve your recruiting efforts and bring the best talent on board. Yes, we’re talking about targetting freelancers and not just for gigs, but for permanent full-time roles too.

Now we know what you’re thinking; ‘freelancers don’t want full-time work,’ and you may be right. But then again you may not be. While it’s true that there are currently more freelancers than ever before, these full-time freelancers are often open to accepting the right full-time role. So wouldn’t it be foolish to disregard them as potential candidates?

But that’s not the main reason we think you should include freelancers in your talent sourcing efforts. As we mentioned last week, we expect big changes in the gig economy as professionals start to realise the true value of job security and the benefits that come with a full-time role. And a savvy recruiter could take advantage of a situation like this.

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But what’s so great about freelancers?

It’s a good question because they are after all, what some might consider ‘free spirits’ that may not easily adapt to a nine-to-five lifestyle once again.

Well, the fact is that freelancers are often some of the most incredibly talented people in their chosen field, but there’s more to it than that.

  • They have bags of experience – Working as a freelancer often means handling a large number of projects each year that may even cover a broad range of industries. A good freelancer can pack several years’ worth of office-based experience into just a few months of work.
  • They are dedicated – The freelancer is used to deadlines and if meeting one means working through the night in their pyjamas, then so be it.
  • They communicate well – No freelancer can survive without being able to communicate. And as we all know good communication is key to success especially when working as part of a team.
  • They are more business-focused – The mindset of a freelancer is slightly different to that of an employee, and they often have a better understanding of the mechanics of running a business. They appreciate a company’s hierarchy and fully understand each person’s role within the business making them the model employee.


So how can we bring them on board?

Sometimes the joy of a job well done isn’t quite enough enticement for a candidate, so it falls to you the recruiter to outline the advantages of working for a specific company. Now, we have mentioned on several occasions the importance of work culture and employer branding. And while these certainly do work in your favor when bringing talent on board, for the freelancer it’s a little different.

Freelancers have plenty of freedom, and if they’re good, they also have money so what can you offer them to make that full-time role all the more appealing?

Highlight stability

The global economy is extremely unpredictable and as so every freelancer experiences highs and lows in their business. Of course, they understand this when they first start out, but after a while, everyone craves some form of stability. This is why many freelancers work on a retainer basis to offer themselves that extra layer of security.

A full-time role brings them back to a world of financial stability, and while they may not earn quite as much, they are in a better position to plan ahead. Make this the cornerstone of your efforts to bring them on board by making them understand that they feature in the long-term goals of the company.


Highlight the benefits

One thing that a freelancer does not have is any kind of tangible benefit. They handle their own medical insurance, pay into their own retirement fund, and take a financial hit every time they take a day off.

A full-time role offers all of these benefits and more. Make sure that all of your job postings, job sites, and careers pages explain or at least mention benefits such as sick pay, holiday time, and any pension schemes. These benefits are exactly what a freelancer craves so make sure they know that they exist.

You can also use your social media content to highlight these benefits in a variety of ways. One example would be to congratulate employees that are taking maternity or paternity leave in social media posts. This type of content not only highlights the benefits we mentioned but portrays the company as one that cares about its employees. But you already know this, right?

Offer them what they already have

The biggest advantage to remaining a freelancer is of course freedom. The freedom to set your own hours, to work at home, and for some, the freedom to take care of family while working. So if you want to attract the best freelancer talent, offer them what they already have; freedom.

Remote working is on the rise (particularly in the US) as companies now understand the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home. Offer a freelancing candidate this benefit, and it might just be the little push they need to sign on the dotted line.

Think of it this way. By offering the ability to work remotely even if just for a few days of the week, you allow your candidate to pretty much keep the exact working lifestyle that they currently have but with all the stability of a full-time job. Benefits, job security, and freedom? How can they say no?


The freelancer market is overflowing with incredibly talented professionals many of whom would jump at the chance of a little security in their lives. So do yourself and them a favour by including freelancers in your sourcing efforts. We know how beneficial their talents and particular mindset can be for a company so now it’s time to make them understand how beneficial you can be as an employer.

What do you think about freelancers’ potential as high-quality candidates? Is your company already including these talented professionals in your sourcing efforts? If not, then it’s about time to start and what better way than with your own dedicated sourcing consultant. And it just so happens that we have one or two of these sourcing geniuses right here at vsource. Drop us a line today, and we’ll set up a meeting and show you how to target the most talented freelancers in your industry.

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