May 25, 2020 9:51 AM

Top Talent Sourcing Tool: we did it again!

We're delighted that vsource was selected once again as a Top Talent Sourcing Tool by SelectSoftware.

SelectSoftware is the first expert driven HR Tech review website designed to allow practitioners to efficiently discover and engage the best vendors in a given category.

Thanks for the whole team at Select Software for the award and we will continue working hard to be there again next year!

For the past 12 years, vsource is helping recruiting teams refocus on the critical tasks that can't be automated. vsource solution starts with Talent Sourcing and then includes Talent Engagement, Talent Mapping, Candidate Review, and other professional services.

Discover how you can Minimize time-to-hire, Reduce cost-per-hire, Increase recruiting bandwidth, Easily scale-up and down to match your hiring demand, Integrate sourcing with your ATS/CRM, Effortlessly build talent pipelines, Leverage Talent Pool Data & Analytics.

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