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Talent Engagement - Attracting Responsive Talent for Greater Success

Here at vsource, we believe that engaging with talent as early as possible increases your chances of long-term success. Not only does it allow you to identify those higher-quality candidates sooner but it also improves your response rates, and helps create that positive candidate experience that is so very important. 

That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time and effort into our newly refined talent engagement service and, as you may have guessed, we’re just a tad excited about it! 

But before we wax lyrical about how our service can help you improve the quality of your hires and help you find those "not so obvious candidates" let’s see what vsource’s Talent Engagement is all about. 

What is vsource’s Talent Engagement?

Talent engagement is the process of engaging with potential candidates and creating meaningful relationships that benefit both the employer and the candidate. 

The idea is simple — if we engage with talent prior to the interview stage, we can get an insight into whether or not the candidate’s values align with the company’s. 

In other words, it gives both the candidate and the employer a better understanding of their suitability for each other. 

Simple enough, right? So where does vsource come into the picture? 

When we first entered the world of recruitment, we soon realized that candidate engagement was one of the pillars of success. So we set about creating a sourcing process that not only found the right talent for our clients but ensured that each of those candidates was an interested and ultimately responsive candidate. And we did this by engaging with talent as early as possible. 

Of course, this wasn’t a process that was created overnight but one that came about after years of in-depth candidate and employer research. Even now, we continue to fine tune the process on an ongoing basis as we see how hired talent fares in the long run. 

Incidentally, this extensive research also led to the creation of our candidate review service that helps reduce candidate resentment, but that’s another story for another day.

To explain how talent engagement can help you attract responsive talent and make better hires, we’ve asked one of our Talent Engagement Managers, Kevin O’Connor to answer a few questions. 

How does the process work?

KevinOConnorWe utilize our tailored email outreach process to attract high-quality candidates and engage with responsive candidates on behalf of our clients. This involves setting up a pre-qualification interview to ensure that they are qualified, interested, and relevant. We currently have an average response rate of 16% and in some cases up to 27% depending on the company brand, role attractiveness and market conditions.

We achieve this by being tech-enabled, data-driven, and most importantly earning the trust of our clients. 

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Who should use it?

KevinOConnorThe beauty of Talent Engagement is that anyone could use it. In fact, we believe that every company should use it.  

We work closely with Talent Acquisition teams around the world and they are always struggling for resources, pushed for time and always looking for high quality candidates. When we come on board, we can take a lot of the pressure off them so they can focus on candidates that are interested and qualified by our Talent Engagement team. 

Clients with a lot of roles to fill work well with us as we can build a strong relationship tackling each role and providing quality candidates along the way.

But the truth is that practically every Talent Acquisition team in the world could benefit from our Talent Engagement service. 

What are the benefits of using it?

KevinOConnorThere are many benefits to using Talent Engagement, but we believe these 4 are the most significant.


1 - Qualified, Interested and Relevant Candidates - QIR's

We outreach and attract candidates and ensure that they are qualified, interested and relevant before we pass them onto our clients Talent Attraction team. We want our clients to talk to the right people because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than interviewing or speaking with candidates that turn out to be a bad fit. 

2 - Increased Efficiency 

We improve our clients' recruiting teams efficiency by allowing them to focus on QIR candidates and avoid wasting time chasing lost opportunities.

3 - Candidate Insights

Through our pre-qualification and discussions with candidates we can gather useful insights into the current job market. These allow us to understand what candidates are looking for in a new role regarding remuneration, location, and preferred working environments. 

These insights will enable our clients to optimize their overarching talent strategy and make their company more attractive to the right candidates.

4 - Candidate Pipelining

The Talent Engagement Team can also help hire future talent. But that doesn’t simply mean adding a ton of passive candidates to your funnel (although that does also help). 

You see, we believe that a "No" now may become a "Yes" in the future, so we make sure that candidates who may have potential for the future remain in your funnel. We call this keeping the candidate "warm". 

Can you tell us some of your successes?


We’ve enjoyed a lot of success incorporating our Talent Engagement teams into the existing recruitment departments of our clients. 

Take Validant for example. The company offers end-to-end quality, compliance, regulatory consulting, and healthcare product development services. Validant Consulting serves engineers, scientists, clinicians, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical technology sectors worldwide. 

Our team works onsite with their internal recruitment team where we are fully integrated into their hiring strategy. The vsource team provides over 120 Qualified, Interested, Relevant candidates (QIRs) directly to the company’s recruiters each month. This enables the recruitment team to focus on genuine candidates only and avoid chasing those lost causes we mentioned earlier. 

By working onsite, the two teams have become very close and, as a result, the vsource Talent Engagement team has become experts in the field. 

We have similar engagements with many of our clients in a diverse range of sectors such as finance with a leading US insurance company, and beverages with a large multinational beverage company. Of course, those are just two examples to highlight how very different sectors can benefit from vsource's Talent Engagement services. 

Other sectors that we have worked with include the Construction Consultancy Industry, Healthcare, Information Technology and Services, Gaming Developers, E- Commerce Companies. 

At this point we should also point out that vsource Talent Engagement isn’t just for major multinational companies with considerable employee turnover. 

Our service and the on-site team can be tailored to any size company regardless of their recruitment goals. Of course, we recommend that a company has a minimum level of employee turnover or has plans for expansion. But generally speaking, Talent Engagement is suitable for the vast majority of companies. 


If you’d like to know more about how Kevin and his team can help improve the quality of your hires and reduce your time to hire, you can go right ahead and book a free no obligation demo.


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