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May 19, 2020 10:31 AM

Utilizing Candidate Review to reduce Resentment

Candidate experience has been top of many a recruiter’s list of priorities for quite some time now. That’s because we all know that unsuccessful candidates that enjoy their experience are more likely to apply again in the future or better yet, recommend the company to their peers. But incredibly enough, in recent years we’ve actually seen a steady rise in candidate resentment. People aren’t enjoying their experience and they’re more than willing to make their feelings known.

So what can we do about it? 

The answer seems simple — talk to your candidates. 

Taking the time to dive deep into how candidates perceive the company first as a potential employer and secondly, as a brand offers incredible long-term benefits.

However, here at vsource, we felt that there was a genuine need for organizations to take their candidate management to the next level. And so candidate review by vsource was born. 

But before we see just how this type of service can help reduce candidate resentment and in some cases, turn that into a positive, let’s first take a look at the current situation. 

Candidate resentment is on the rise

Believe it or not, resentment is up by 40% since 2016. 

Yes, that’s right, despite your best efforts to keep your candidates informed of their progress throughout the hiring process, some are just plain unhappy. 

According to the 195,000 job seekers surveyed in Talent Board’s 2019 Candidate Experience Awards Research Report, communication (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest pain points of the hiring process. 

Interestingly though, for the most part, those surveyed were specifically unhappy with the lack of communication post-interview. This is particularly true for those that make it to the final stages. They think they’ve aced the interview, impressed their potential employers but then… crickets. And when they do finally receive a communication, it’s a rejection email with no explanation. 

You can forgive them for feeling just a smidgeon of resentment, right? 

So how can hiring companies mitigate this feeling of resentment in their unsuccessful applicants? 

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with CareerXroads and Talent Board founder Gerry Crispin who just so happens to be a leading authority on candidate experience. And his thoughts on hiring companies’ response to the rise in applicants due to the global pandemic were quite interesting. 

"There’s a fear that companies will become less self-aware about the issues around candidate experience. Due to the pandemic, the number of applicants has increased ten-fold so why bother about their experience when you can have the pick of the bunch?

However, the pandemic has also led candidates and employees to ask themselves some serious questions about their jobs and future career path. Questions such as:

Am I in the right place?Are these people who care about me?Are these people that I care about?Why am I applying to companies who didn't treat people well in the past?

What we can take from this is that organizations that focus on different aspects of how they treat candidates and keep them informed have the potential to be the most successful."

Taking Gerry’s comments and the findings of the Talent Board study on board, we can only assume that candidate resentment could be set to increase further with even more focus now on employer ethics. 

Gerry’s comments also tell us that if we continue to prioritize candidate experience, we will in some way reduce the resentment felt by those unhappy candidates. 

But is a focus on candidate experience enough? 

Possibly not, and that’s where our new candidate review service comes into play. 

What’s so great about this candidate review service?

The idea is simple — make sure that every candidate that took the time to apply for a role feels valued. 

We do this by ensuring that they receive regular communications and understand not only what is expected of them but what to expect of the recruitment process. 

We help our clients (that’s you) dive deep into the candidate pool and pinpoint those who are best suited to an opening. This allows us to improve the quality of your pipeline which in turn reduces both costs and time to hire. 

Great news for you, but this is also hugely beneficial to both candidates with potential and those who are unsuitable. Candidates with a chance will get the opportunity to impress at the interview stage while those who are unsuitable will not feel that their time has been wasted. 

But better yet, we’ll communicate with those unsuccessful candidates offering them genuine feedback on their application. We’ve said it before; candidate feedback is a two-way street and the importance of these communications going in both directions cannot be overstated. 

According to Talent Board’s study, when unsuccessful candidates receive feedback from an employer they are 20% more likely to re-engage with that employer. And given that 64% of dissatisfied candidates are less likely to purchase from an employer they resent, you can see why we feel that this service has the potential to have a huge impact on your bottom line. 

We do all of the above while you and your team spend your time focusing on what you do best, recruiting. 

If you’re interested in reducing candidate resentment, improving the quality of your pipeline and boosting your employer brand, then get in touch and we’ll discuss the latest offering from vsource and how to best apply it to your needs.


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