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The Recruiter's Toolbox - Essential Recruitment Tools and Systems

The life of a recruiter is rarely an easy one. From reviewing hundreds of resumes to arranging interview times that suit dozens of candidates and their prospective employers, their working life is a never-ending to-do list.

Thankfully, there are several areas in which technology can be a great help to the modern day recruiter and in fact, if used correctly could even give them a significant advantage over their competitors. But of course, with such a vast array of applications and various technological aids at their disposal, there’s one small question; which ones to use?


Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

An ATS is a tool that will allow a recruiter to track the progress of candidates through the entire hiring process from first contact to signing on the dotted line. Many old-schoolers scoff at the idea of using a dedicated formal ATS preferring to use a good old spreadsheet instead. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it does take considerably more time, and you lose the added functionality of a good ATS.

ATS platforms are of such a high quality of late, that it is very difficult to recommend one over another. This is particularly true for recruiters that are looking for certain functionalities and features that not all platforms offer. So with that in mind here are four platforms that we feel cover all the bases with respect to a recruiter’s needs.


Bullhorn is one of the biggest and most used ATS platforms and counts quite a few large and well-known recruitment agencies and companies as their customers. This ATS streamlines the entire applicant tracking process and counts speed as one of its biggest advantages over the competition.  

Check out Bullhorn here.


A flexible and scalable ATS, Greenhouse’s intuitive interface and sleek design make this an incredibly easy and enjoyable platform to use. With great customer service and huge clients such as Airbnb and Evernote, this is one worth taking a look at.

Check out Greenhouse here.


Lever’s popularity stems from its added features that you won’t find on too many of its counterparts’ platforms. These features include two-way email sync, @-mentions, and one-click sourcing.

Check out Lever here.


Avature is one of the industry’s true big hitters, and its flexibility makes it an attractive option for recruiters hiring for positions from the bottom right up to the top. From building brand-centric career sites to managing pipeline metrics, you can do pretty much anything with this platform.

Check out Avature here.


Contact Finders

There’s nothing worse than finding a suitable candidate only to discover that there are no contact details on their social media profile. And if they aren’t too active on their profile (does anyone really check their Facebook messages every day?), then the lead could turn cold. This is where a good contact finder is worth its weight in gold.


There are quite literally hundreds of contact finders all claiming to be the best, but ContactOut is the only one to make the bold claim that they can find twice as many emails as the competition. They offer 100 free credits per day and are easily one of the most popular contact finders out there.

Check out ContactOut here.


We also like Hunter for its simple browser plugin that allows you to check email addresses for any domain that you visit. They also verify the emails, and you get 150 free requests a month before you need to start paying.

Check out Hunter here.


Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

As you are well aware, candidate relationship management involves recording and managing a company’s impressions and interactions with potential candidates and those that get the job. Organizing, automating, and synchronizing the sourcing, attraction, communication, and management of talent is no mean feat and with such a high demand for a quality tool that can integrate easily into a recruiter’s existing processes, there are many high-quality CRMs on the market.


Vincere’s developers market the tool as a CRM and ATS combined, and on the CRM front, it’s a stellar performer. It allows you to create microsite job boards (with your own branding), search for candidates, and of course manage all interactions with them.

Check out Vincere here.


If a dedicated CRM is more to your liking then SugarCRM, like OpenCATS is an open source tool that allows the budget-conscious recruiter to manage their candidates with a minimum of fuss.

Check out SugarCRM here.



While Skype paved the way for video conferencing, it just doesn’t have the functions required for recording and managing interviews in a recruitment campaign. Surprisingly, what you would assume is the simplest tool of all is the one that has the most hang-ups (was that a pun?)  There are, however, a few good ones such as Odro and Interview Stream but sparkHire is the standout tool in our opinion.


With this tool, you don’t just get video interviewing capability, but you also get a variety of video tools that will not only enhance the interview process for you but also for your candidates. Features include one-way interviews, evaluations, scheduling, and there’s even a mobile app, which any recruiter will agree is a major advantage.

Check out sparkHire here.


Recruitment Marketing

Marketing job openings to the general public and potential candidates is no longer a matter of posting a few ads on a couple of jobs boards. The market is so competitive these days that a savvy recruiter will use a recruitment marketing platform to do everything from identifying candidates at recruitment events to posting jobs on multiple boards.


SmashFly is one of the best recruitment marketing tools out there as it seeks to market the employer brand just as much as it does the job openings. This allows the platform to attract the right candidates that fit not only the job but the company’s work culture. It’s a great way to generate passive leads, and it integrates seamlessly with your current ATS system.

Check out SmashFly here.



Scheduling calls, interviews, and meetings can sometimes take up more time than the activities themselves, and so the need for a solid scheduling tool is essential not only in the recruiter’s toolbox but any professional’s.


Google and Outlook 365’s calendars are fine and integrate very well with most other applications, but Calendly wins our vote for the sheer simplicity of its interface. You cannot go wrong with this app, and it’s ridiculously easy to use. And while the free version is totally fine to work with, the paid version allows integration with your CRM.

Check out Calendly here.



Time is a recruiter’s most precious commodity, and as such, it is a commodity that they cannot waste. Screening candidates for possible red flags or even just plain old suitability is essential and having a tool to do so is a boon to the busy recruiter.


This tool is specifically designed to help a recruiter judge a candidate’s suitability to a job. There are inbuilt job-fit assessments and of course an all-important online reference checking capability.

Check out Outmatch here.

Social Intelligence

There are many that do it, but we don’t really feel that stalking a candidate’s personal social media profile is a very nice thing to do. However, it does make sense to find out if this person has engaged in any unlawful or inappropriate behaviour. Social Intelligence uses their algorithms and a team of analysts to find if any such details exist.

Check out Social Intelligence here.


Bonus: vsource free tools

Over the last number of years we have been building up our library of resources for both recruiters and sourcers. Now, all of these resources can be found for FREE in one place. You can access and download all of them from our new Resources library here.


You may wonder why there’s no section on talent sourcing tools and it’s a good question. Surely no recruiter’s toolbox would be complete without a tool which can help them source the best and most suitable talent, could it?

There are many processes that we can fully automate, but talent sourcing is not one of them. Here at vsource we feel that this is an area where a combination of the latest technology and human perspective is the best course of action. It’s why we combine intelligent software and sourcing cosultants to locate prospective talent and analyze the newly created pool for the best candidates.

Want to know a little more about how our blend of smart technology and human intuition can help build your talent pipeline? Get in touch!

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