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September 05, 2018 5:41 AM

The Only Recruitment Gurus You Need to Follow (And Their Blogs and Podcasts!)

The internet is a wonderful place. It provides us with our daily dose of puppy videos and hilarious gifs but interestingly enough, it’s also pretty useful when it comes to work-related matters. Crazy, right? So pause that video of a kitten trying to climb the stairs and get ready to bookmark some pages and follow a few people as we take a look at the recruitment gurus and websites you should be paying close attention to.

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Greg Savage

Saying that Australian Greg Savage has plenty of experience in the field is something of an understatement. The man has opened four separate and successful recruitment businesses and still has time to host a podcast called Sixty Savage Seconds. Aside from having an amazing name, this podcast offers quick and dirty tips from someone who knows the industry inside out. If you want easy to digest tips fired at you in a hurry, then this is the guy to follow.

Twitter @greg_savage

Podcast Sixty Savage Seconds


Louise Triance

As managing director of UK Recruiter, Lousie Triance is the person in the know when it comes to all thing recruitment in the UK. Her Twitter feed is a goldmine of information and most of it pretty relevant to current trends and happenings in the industry. But just because her market is the UK doesn’t mean that recruiters from abroad shouldn’t follow her as she shares some great tips and advice from the UK Recruiter blog that easily transcends borders. Yes, you guessed it, we’re BIG fans of Louise.

Twitter @louisetriance

Blog ukrecruiter


Jennifer Kim

Jennifer was once the Head of Employee Experience and Development for recruitment software company Lever and is now a startup advisor and diversity and inclusion architect. The regular content she posts on LinkedIn gives a great insight into how diversity in the workplace is very much still a work in progress but the way she explains it gives us all hope that we’re moving in the right direction. If you want to know ANYTHING about diversity at work, this is the woman to follow.

Twitter @jenistyping

LinkedIn Jennifer’s articles


Mark Pearce

Originally from the UK, Mark is now based in Perth and runs his own recruitment blog that offers everything from podcasts to videos and templates all offering you the benefit of his years of experience in the industry. But what’s even better is the fact that he’s a good writer and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Check out his About page, and you’ll see what we mean.

Twitter @mpearce_perth (his take on life in Perth makes for great entertainment)

Blog markpearce.net


Todd Raphael

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something about being the Editor in Chief at ERE Media that says ‘follow me.’ Todd Raphael holds that very job title, and with his connections in the world of recruitment, you can bet your daily dose of coffee that he has some pretty valuable content to share on his Twitter feed. Of course, Todd also shares his thoughts and industry news on the ERE blog so even if you’re not an avid Tweeter, you can still benefit from his deep knowledge of all things recruitment.

Twitter @toddraphael

Blog Todd’s articles on ERE


Katrina Collier

She’s the woman behind The Searchologist and a well-known (and much travelled) keynote speaker. She’s Katrina Collier, the world’s leading expert on recruitment through social media. 12.5k Twitter followers can’t be wrong. As you are probably well aware, social recruitment is big news right now so if you want to stay in the loop then follow Katrina and heed her advice.

Twitter @KatrinaMCollier

Blog The Searchologist


Joe Burridge

You don’t get to the position of Senior Recruiter at EA Sports without picking up some nuggets of wisdom and perhaps a few funny stories along the way. So the decision to hit that follow button on Joe’s Twitter profile should be a bit of a no-brainer. His blog is a series of tips and guides delivered in his own unique style. For some great advice and a little humour to start your week, Joe’s blog should be your first port of call on that Monday morning bus ride to the office.

Twitter @JoeFindsTalent

Blog joeburridge.com


Stacy Donovan Zapar

With a metric ton of experience in the industry not to mention two successful businesses (Tenfold and The Talent Agency) Stacy is the go-to guru when companies want to hire recruiters. You have to build that talent acquisition team somehow, right? Unfortunately, Stacy doesn’t blog regularly (nor do either of her companies) but she does share some interesting links on her Twitter feed. Think of it as a form of recruitment content curation.

Twitter @StacyZapar


Irina Shamaeva

Irina Shamaeva is an experienced sourcing specialist and extremely well respected in the industry. In addition to being a partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting (an agency she founded), she is also a founder of People Sourcing Certification Program which as a recruiter, you’ve probably heard of. She shares a lot of content on her Twitter feed and also writes a little on LinkedIn, but it’s on her blog Boolean Strings that you’ll find sourcing gold.

Twitter @braingain

Blog Boolean Strings


Gemma Dale

Gemma or Gem as she likes to be called, is the founder of The Work Consultancy and a serial blogger and Tweeter. Her blog is a little different in that while it offers her insights into the world of recruitment and HR, she does it all in a very personal way. Blogs that offer advice as we do here at vsource are all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to follow a person and hear their own personal take on life both in and outside of the industry.

Twitter @HR_Gem

Blog HRGemblog


Jim Stroud

Last but by no means least is another social recruiting expert Jim Stroud. He is the host of the It’s All Recruiting podcast, and he talks a lot about anything and everything he can think of. Jim is very enthusiastic about every topic he covers, and he and his guests offer some really meaningful insights into topics such as diversity in the workplace and employer branding. His Twitter feed is another goldmine, but it’s those podcasts that are ideal for a long train journey or the flight to your next expo.

Twitter @jimstroud

Podcast It’s All Recruiting


There are of course many other gurus, experts, influencers, and blogs that you could and perhaps should follow (vsource is the obvious one that springs to mind - @vourceio) but these are the ones that have caught our attention of late. So get following and learn as much as you can from these fine minds of recruitment.

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