July 17, 2017 12:42 PM

The Benefits of Automated Recruitment Marketing - and Who Does It Best

Recruitment is marketing.

Don’t think that’s true? Then consider the work we in the recruitment industry do on a daily basis. We promote clients, create email campaigns, write job listings, attract the attention of passive candidates through content creation, and push the brand whenever possible. We pretty much do the job of the company’s marketing team only our target audience are the candidates we so badly want to hire.

So it stands to reason that as professionals that see time as our most valuable commodity, we should want to streamline those processes and streamline them we have. The last few years have been groundbreaking ones in terms of AI in recruitment with innovations coming thick and fast many of which have made our working lives a great deal simpler.

But when it comes to nurturing both passive and active candidates while simultaneously pushing a positive brand image, there’s nothing quite like a solid automated recruitment marketing platform.


What is Automated Recruitment Marketing

In simple terms, automated recruitment marketing is the use of software that will allow you and your agency to engage potential candidates on a regular basis. This could be through the scheduling of regular content updates, email campaigns, sharing career opportunities (we like this one best), newsletters, or company events and information.

As you can see automated recruitment marketing is a pretty big deal, but just in case there’s any of you still on the fence, here are what we consider the most significant advantages gained from jumping on this particular AI train.


The benefits of Automated Recruitment Marketing

It helps build a strong relationship with potential candidates

In a world where job-hopping is now considered the norm, it could be said that a company’s ability to continually attract the best talent could mean the difference between success and failure. And with many job seekers reporting that candidate experience is everything, having a tool that ensures that all your communications are personalized is worth its weight in gold.

It keeps your brand message consistent

A good automated recruitment marketing platform will help you ensure that your brand is clearly visible throughout all your content and communications. From job postings to emails, it’s imperative that you remain consistent. Having everything managed by one platform makes it easy to do so.

It allows easy access to analytics and metrics

Tracking your candidates’ progress and the success of your various campaigns is one of the most important aspects of the job. You need to know how your candidates are reacting to your communications and content, and how well particular job postings are performing. With such data readily available within your platform, you’re more likely to make use of it and learn from your mistakes thus improving the chances of future campaigns.

It puts every recruitment marketing channel under one umbrella

With candidates today using a wide range of platforms and channels to seek opportunities or even just to keep up to date with changes in the industry, keeping on top of everything can be a bit of a challenge for the busy recruiter. Using automated recruitment marketing ensures that you miss none of the major channels in your campaigns.



The one that does it best

In such a competitive market it’s hard to pinpoint one as the go-to platform as your choice depends not only on its compatibility with your current AI tools but most importantly, your needs as a recruiter.

Some of these platforms offer features targeted at recruiters that are in search of a tool for a specific need. Recruiters then use these in tandem with CRM platforms and a variety of other tools such as those that you will find in our recruiter’s toolbox.

However, for an all-in-one platform that offers recruiters the whole toolkit in one place, we’d have to go with SmashFly. There are so many features that we love about this platform but here are our favourites.

  • You get incredibly in-depth analytics – As we mentioned earlier this data allows you to understand what is working and what isn’t and as a result make better decisions in your recruitment campaigns. SmashFly goes the extra mile with its data collation ensuring that nothing slips through the net.
  • You can build branded career sites – Consistent branding is essential and so a simple process to create branded career sites is particularly advantageous. These branded sites not only attract potential candidates but they can create connections with passive candidates that are familiar with your brand.
  • It optimizes your content for search engines – Ever had a landing page that just didn’t get any hits? It’s every recruiter’s worst nightmare so having a platform that analyzes and optimizes every landing page takes a certain amount of stress out of the whole process.
  • It organizes your email campaigns – It’s important that your emails go out on time and that no candidate is left out of the loop. 60% of candidates say that better communication improves their experience and automating the process is the best way to do so. However, SmashFly also allows you to personalize this content which in itself is a feature well worth taking note of.


Of course, there are more features such as mobile recruiting, event recruitment management, and employee referrals that make this an excellent platform and an ideal choice for those that require an all-in-one package.  

However, today’s recruiter understands that a positive brand image is everything (just look at what happened to Uber) so the fact that SmashFly actively pushes your brand in every process it undertakes is the reason why this is our platform of choice.


While we at vsource are proponents of automating processes in order to streamline your workflow, we offer a slightly different approach to many of the tools we recommend. Contact us now to learn more about how we combine technology and human decision to build your talent pipeline.



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