April 03, 2020 8:05 AM

Sourcing Tools 101 - Quality over Quantity

When it comes to the hiring process, there’s one thing we truly believe here at vsource - it’s better to be proactive than reactive. And no aspect of recruitment is quite as proactive as sourcing. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you get your sourcing process nailed down from the off. So with this in mind, we decided to take a quick look at sourcing tools and how using them to their full potential can have a hugely positive impact on your recruitment efforts. 

But before we get to that, let’s take a look at why we believe sourcing plays such an integral role in a company’s overall strategy. 

Sourcing as a business process

If you watched our webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table, you’ll understand exactly what we mean when we label sourcing as a business process. 

With recruiters becoming increasingly strategic in their approach to identifying the talent needs of a company, sourcing is now considered one of the cornerstones of business expansion. This is because business leaders are finally starting to realize that the data collated by recruiters in their sourcing process can be used to drive business decisions. 

This is why we’re huge advocates of recruitment and talent acquisition leaders taking a more active role in overarching business decisions. They have the data and expertise to make a difference, they just need a voice at the executive table. 

The importance of sourcing tools

You may think we’re just a little biased here, after all, we are a sourcing software company. However, the truth is that in recent years, sourcing has taken on a whole new level of importance in the hiring of the best talent out there. And much of that is down to how difficult it is to find the right people for the job. 

As you may already know, sourcing tools are generally only required if you have a pressing need for talent that is hard to find. We’re talking about the cream of the crop, those highly-skilled individuals that can make all the difference. 

Unfortunately for recruiters and talent acquisition experts, these individuals are rarely on the market. They’re the passive candidates that may be interested in an opportunity, but who never frequent jobs boards. As such, there’s little to no chance of them coming to you unless your inbound recruitment game is on point, but that’s another story. 

This is where your sourcing tools come into play. 

But remember as we said in the title of this post - it’s all about quality over quantity. 

Choosing the right sourcing tools 

With a seemingly endless list of recruitment tools on the market, choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a little confusing. This is where a little research and some help from a trusted resource can go a long way. That’s why we created an extensive list of essential recruitment tools in our list The Recruiter’s Toolbox, now updated for 2020.

But as you may have noticed, we deliberately omitted sourcing tools from our list as we feel that automating the sourcing process in its entirety may not be an ideal solution. In fact, we believe that sourcing should be a perfect marriage of both human intuition and the latest in AI technology.

Having said that, there are some high-quality tools out there that can complement your existing tools. The good people at Select Software saw fit to compile a list of what they feel are the best candidate sourcing tools on the market right now. It’s a comprehensive list and depending on your needs, you should be able to find a suitable sourcing tool. Humble brag — We made the cut! 

When choosing your tool, bear in mind that it should augment the efforts of your recruitment team. It should help them perform to their full potential and reach their goals more easily. It should never be considered a replacement for a talented sourcer. 

Making the most of your sourcing tools

Now this is where it gets a little tricky. The temptation to let your sourcing tool loose on the talent pool is very real, but it’s imperative that you take that strategic approach we mentioned earlier. 

Remember, these tools are highly intuitive (especially if they include a human element like we do here at vsource) and so you should make use of their full capabilities. 

Consider the company’s strategy in terms of future expansion, identify present and future talent gaps, and take diversity goals into account. Once these have been defined, your sourcing tool should be able to perform a highly targeted search that zeroes in only on candidates who have genuine potential. 

This is what we mean when we say quality over quantity. 

There are dozens of sourcing tools and platforms available on the market that will promise to fill your pipeline with hundreds or even thousands of candidates in a matter of minutes. However, it’s highly unlikely that these candidates will be of the highest caliber. 

A genuine sourcing tool should take time to find the right candidates. And while it will most definitely save both you and your team a great deal of time, there should be an initial learning curve as the tool or the consultant using it gets to know what it is that your company truly values in a potential employee. 

As a wise person once said ‘good things come to those who wait’. 

So take a look at Select Software’s list of sourcing tools and see if you can find the one that best fits your specific needs. Alternatively, you could cut to the chase and book a free no obligation demo with us today. The sooner you do, the sooner our sourcing consultants can get to work on fleshing out your candidate pipeline with the highest-quality talent.

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