November 09, 2017 5:41 AM

SourceCon Fall 2017 Top Takeaways

Ok so maybe we're not the hacking experts depicted in the photo above, but as recruiters we can definitely use all the recruiting hacks we can find. And this year SourceCon was full of them - lifehacks for everything from finding emails and resumes to better qualifying candidates.

SourceCon Fall 2017 was held at the Rennaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas. If you couldn't make it in person don't worry - we've got you covered!

Look for Experts Where You Least Expect Them

One of the most intriguing tips from SourceCon this Fall was to look for experts by nature rather than by resume. Experts often review subject matter books on Amazon Books or GoodReads, leaving their full name, professional background and why they are an expert. Some also link to their private website with email address. Just leave the satirical Amazon reviews alone.


Find emails on GitHub

This is definitely one that we would not have thought of ourselves. When recruiting in Tech, everyone checks out a candidate's GitHub profile, but did you know you can grab their email address from here too? Github profiles are uniquely identified by the site through associated email accounts. The email appears in the first couple of lines of the source code (viewed by right-clicking on the page and selecting “View source”).


Get Organized 


While Trello is old news for tech and creative roles, recruiters are grabbing it by the horns and getting creative in how they put the project board web app to work. At SourceCon Trello solutions varied from timelines to task lists to web clipping candidate information. More recently though, I've seen this tip on using Trello more directly for workforce planning and hiring/promoting from within.


Personas Aren't Just For Marketers

Imagine if you knew what a candidate was looking for before you met them? Take a leaf out of (Recruiting Social'sAngela Bortolussi's book and build candidate personas for your search. It won't be a 100% match every time, but you'll be more prepared for your outreach and you'll know how to advise the hiring manager in advance. Take the influence into your own hand by drawing out a typical candidate, and then list four people that could possibly be this candidate - who are they? What's important to them? Where are they coming from? You'll become a better recruiter for it.


Google Isn't The Only Search Engine

I know, I know. It's so easy to boot up your computer and just Google anything that comes to mind. It even has its own verb! But I learned a lot about search engine alternatives at SourceCon. We pour so much into SEO when positioning our companies but most candidates are not thinking of their personal SEO or how Google crawls their profiles when they write them. You could be missing out on great candidates by limiting yourself to what Google thinks you should be looking at. Sourcing Consultant Ronnie Bratcher recommends spreading your wings further than Yahoo and Bing also, by checking out anonymous search engines and text crawlers like Dogpile, Gibiru and Peekier. Now we really feel like hackers!


The Times They Are A-Changing

And we are grateful. SourceCon's annual survey this year found that as a collective our least measured metric is the number of conversations we have. It's about time. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go - while the number of hires per year was the top metric reported, the quality of those hires was second to last! For better workforce planning we need to change how we measure our successes. Check out the top metrics we recommend here.

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