Prepping Your Candidates for an Interview

You’ve made it through those endless piles of resumes, your inbox is as clear as it has been in months, and now you’re all set to let your chosen candidates know when and where their interview will take place. But is it enough to send them a time and date? Is that all they really need to know?

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Outbound Sourcing: What Is It and Why Is It so Important?

If you’ve been paying attention at the water cooler lately, then you’ve probably heard the term outbound sourcing dropped into the conversation here and there. But don’t for a second think that this relatively new term is a flash-in-the-pan phrase that we’ll forget about in the very near future. Absolutely not! Outbound sourcing is here to stay, and if it’s not already a part of your recruitment efforts, then it’s time to get on board.


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3 Key Components of the Perfect Passive Recruitment Funnel

To a recruiter, passive candidates are gold. They are good at what they do (they’re in a job after all), employers love them, and unlike active candidates, they’re not looking elsewhere for a new role. But attracting their attention takes quite a bit of effort.

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The Only Recruitment Gurus You Need to Follow (And Their Blogs and Podcasts!)

The internet is a wonderful place. It provides us with our daily dose of puppy videos and hilarious gifs but interestingly enough, it’s also pretty useful when it comes to work-related matters. Crazy, right? So pause that video of a kitten trying to climb the stairs and get ready to bookmark some pages and follow a few people as we take a look at the recruitment gurus and websites you should be paying close attention to.

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Boosting Retention – It’s All About Employee Engagement

Retention; it’s the holy grail of recruitment. Hiring a candidate that not only has the skills to be a success in the role but also has the staying power to make it through that all-important first year is a dream come true for any recruiter. But aside from offering them a salary the size of a small country’s GDP, how can you we boost retention figures to cut down on recruitment costs?

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