Boosting Retention – It’s All About Employee Engagement

Retention; it’s the holy grail of recruitment. Hiring a candidate that not only has the skills to be a success in the role but also has the staying power to make it through that all-important first year is a dream come true for any recruiter. But aside from offering them a salary the size of a small country’s GDP, how can you we boost retention figures to cut down on recruitment costs?

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Diversity – Is It Really Such a Big Deal?

Diversity in the workplace; it’s the one thing that recruiters all over the world are talking about, and we never get tired of talking about this here. From culture to gender and everything else in between, diversity is something that every company and recruiter should have a handle on, and if you don’t already have a plan in place to embrace diversity in the workplace, then it’s time you got started.

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Resume Mistakes That Drive Recruiters over the Edge

Okay, so perhaps over the edge is a little extreme but there’s no doubt that in your time as a recruiter or hiring manager you have come across some of these mistakes and felt like bashing your head against the desk. Yes, these are the mistakes that make you question your sanity and reaffirm the belief that recruitment is a calling, not a career choice. Otherwise, how else could you survive in the industry?

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Conversational Recruitment – It’s Time to Get Personal

What’s the most important aspect of any recruitment drive? Some might say it’s the sourcing of high-quality candidates while others might suggest that it’s the screening process. The vast majority of recruiters, however, will agree that it’s the interview, or in other words, the conversation you have with a candidate that is the most essential cog in the process.

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When Recruiters React – 19 Gifs That Sum up a Recruiter’s Life

We’ve heard it said many times before – recruitment is a calling. And at times it takes a superhuman effort to make that one last push to get through those resumes or to track down that candidate who went AWOL. But at the end of the day, recruiters (even those with awesome superpowers) are only human and as humans we go through the same emotions as everyone else.

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