Conversational Recruitment – It’s Time to Get Personal

What’s the most important aspect of any recruitment drive? Some might say it’s the sourcing of high-quality candidates while others might suggest that it’s the screening process. The vast majority of recruiters, however, will agree that it’s the interview, or in other words, the conversation you have with a candidate that is the most essential cog in the process.

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When Recruiters React – 19 Gifs That Sum up a Recruiter’s Life

We’ve heard it said many times before – recruitment is a calling. And at times it takes a superhuman effort to make that one last push to get through those resumes or to track down that candidate who went AWOL. But at the end of the day, recruiters (even those with awesome superpowers) are only human and as humans we go through the same emotions as everyone else.

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How to Know When Your Candidate Is Being Dishonest

Bending the truth, porkies, or just plain old lies, whatever term you choose to describe it, dishonesty is the bane of the busy recruiter’s life. Not only is it a time waster but in some cases, like for example when you choose one candidate over another for an interview, it can mean a missed opportunity for a genuine candidate. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to weed out the Pinocchios from your recruitment efforts and improve your interview game.

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How to Tackle the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap exists, and although governments across the globe are taking measures to address the current state of inequality, it will be quite some time before they catch up with Iceland, who many consider to be the world leader on gender equality. But as an employer or recruiter, should we wait for legislation to pass before doing something about the situation? We think you know the answer to that question.

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How vsource Can Hack Your Recruitment Process

Hack this, hack that, it seems that nowadays there’s a hack for everything and anything. From seemingly innocuous things like getting out of bed on time to more complex issues such as securing business finance, if you find something remotely difficult, there’s a hack to help you out. Now, we’re not a company that likes to jump on bandwagons too often, but in this case, we’re all aboard as we explain to you how here at vsource, we can help you hack your recruitment process and help to build a more modern approach.

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