Challenges in Healthcare Recruitment

Hiring for the healthcare industry is one of the most challenging and stressful tasks a recruiter can undertake. This is an industry where your hires can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of others and so it’s imperative that you find the right candidates with the right balance of skills and aptitude for the role.

Unfortunately, finding the right candidate isn’t the only challenge you’ll face.

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4 Reasons Why Augmenting Your Sourcing Team Makes Sense

Automation is everything these days. From candidate outreach to resume screening, it seems that there’s a bot for every recruitment task imaginable.

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How to Incorporate Diversity & Inclusion into Your Recruitment Strategies

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the world of recruitment right now and not just because of our moral obligation to offer equal opportunities for all. As we have discussed before, diversity is extremely important for numerous reasons. It improves performance, fosters innovation, and promotes happiness in the workforce.

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13 GIFS That Perfectly Describe Life In Talent Acquisition

Today, September 4th is Global TA Day, a day dedicated to celebrating all of those working in Talent Acquisition around the world.

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Is It Time to Refresh Your Candidate Data?


Candidate data can change like the weather. One day they’re in a job they love, the next they’re out there looking for a new challenge. But unless you’re in the habit of calling every candidate in your pipeline on a weekly basis (if only that were possible) then there’s a strong chance much of your current data is out of date.

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