It’s all about the data: TA & Data - speaking the Language of the CEO

Spend any time in a board meeting or chatting with the CEO about work-related matters and very soon one thing becomes clear — c-level executives are all about the data.

They live for facts and figures. Data is what keeps them up at night as they ponder their next major business decision. But most importantly, it’s how the successful ones help a company grow.

So it makes absolute sense that the departments and leaders whose input the CEO values most are those that can back up their proposals with solid data.

In the not so distant past, this value placed in data left the recruiter or HR professional at a disadvantage. While they had plenty of stats and figures for the hires they made, this data carried little weight at board level, particularly when it came to business strategy.

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The Importance of People Planning

Ask any CEO or c-level executive about the planning that drives a company and you’ll hear a lot about sales planning, financial planning, and even business planning in general. What you’ll rarely hear them speak of though is people planning. Sure they may mention workforce planning, but generally speaking, it’s quite far down the list of perceived priorities.

So why is this?

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Shedding Light on Talent Acquisition at Board Level

For those of us who work in the recruitment industry, the importance of talent acquisition is clear – it’s vital for business success. However, for those at board level, the importance of an ongoing and long-term strategy to identify candidates for future vacancies in the company might not be so clear.

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Irish ambassador John McCullagh visits vsource

On Thursday, the Irish Ambassador John McCullagh accompanied by his colleagues Alan McGreevey and Chi Nguyen arrived at vsource's office in Ho Chi Min City, the TMA Building in Quang Trung Software City.

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Intelligent Augmentation - How to Best Utilize AI in Recruitment


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