Combat Hiring Problems With Diversity Sourcing

Diversifying the workplace has become increasingly important to any company hoping to stay relevant. From growing start-ups to international corporations such as GoDaddy and Intel, companies have a rising demand for services aimed at boosting diversity and inclusion. Oftentimes, companies face a number of obstacles and lack the necessary diversity by no fault of their own. Some of these obstacles include a lack of objective insight, a limited availability of talent, and unconscious inherent bias.

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Proud to #CelebrateDiversity

Members of our software development team

Proud to #CelebrateDiversity

For many tech companies today, finding talent from diverse backgrounds can be challenging. This is why our team has built Diversity Solutions, a tool to enhance diversity strategy for our clients.

Inspired by the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign we feel that our team is exceptional. In a field that is predominantly dominated by men we are proud to have a team made up of more than 50% women. Phuoc Ho describes her job as “a creative job which demands working closely, and collaborating with each other in order to deliver the best product to the end user”.

She explains that a diverse team creates opportunity to learn from each other, acknowledge differences and foster mutual respect. These are key factors in building an effective team.

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Are Brainteasers and Other Tests Helpful During the Interview Process?

By James Galvin, CEO and Founder of

The Flawed Interview Process

I still remember my first proper job interview. A starry-eyed computer science graduate, I donned my best Dunne’s Stores shirt and my trusty faux suede blazer and dragged myself away from Baldur’s Gate for the afternoon.

The HR Manager gave me two tests:

First: the programming test, almost entirely specific to ASP.NET, with which I had no experience. I handed in a blank booklet. No problem, I was told, because this was a graduate job opportunity which did not require prior experience. Invisible high five.

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How vsource Candidate Sourcing works

Candidate Sourcing is the ability to pro actively identify Active Candidates who, as the name suggests, are actively searching for job opportunities or those who are Passive Candidates not currently looking. Regardless of a Candidate's current position, the key elements of good Candidate selection come down to: 

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The Biggest Hiring Mistake


The candidate walks in with a bright smile. He has a very pleasant appearance. His shirt is pressed and his back straight. He reaches out first to greet you. You ask him to sit but he ensures you are seated first before he does. There is some conversation, basically ‘small talk’ of which he shows great courtesy throughout.

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