Prepared Recruiting: 4 Ways to Beat Luck With Preparation

You don’t need luck to be a better recruiter. In fact, it may seem that the harder you work, the more luck you have. This is no coincidence. Recruiters are expert strategists by nature - and the more prepared you are for any hiring situation, the better the outcome will be. Here are 4 ways to prepare for better recruiting.

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5 Easy Ways to Expand Your Talent Pipeline

For a recruiter, having a talent pipeline is like having a safety blanket - a swath of material made from great candidates that you can pull around you when times are tough. But like a blanket how a talent pipeline is woven will determine how warm it is when you need it. Building a talent community from your pipeline will keep your leads warm and can determine how willing candidates are to move jobs when you approach them.

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How to Manage Runner Up Candidates

You’ve done the recruiting, the interviews are over, and your selected candidate is getting ready to start their new job. It’s time to start contacting the runner-ups. We all know how the email reads: not progressing with your application, future positions may be available. And that is the end of your contact. But what if we could do more, and improve our talent pipeline in the process?

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Recruitment Approach

Last week I had the privilege of attending #tru Dublin 2017. The event is a series of discussion tracks that present the creative minds moving international recruitment forward. Throughout the sessions, there was  a definite trend towards new recruitment technologies. Recruiting is a large and diverse field, and there are new tools springing up in every direction promising the world. But how can you efficiently modernize your recruitment?

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The AI Poised To Disrupt Recruiting

Meet Olivia. And Mya. And Arya. These three women are the latest Artificial Intelligence tools aiming to disrupt the process of recruiting. You haven’t stepped into a science fiction movie, these tools are currently available to recruiters and companies looking to streamline their recruiting process.

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