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Updated for 2020

The life of a recruiter is rarely an easy one. From reviewing hundreds of resumes to arranging interview times that suit dozens of candidates and their prospective employers, their working life is a never-ending to-do list.

Thankfully, there are several areas in which technology can be a great help to the modern day recruiter and in fact, if used correctly could even give them a significant advantage over their competitors. But of course, with such a vast array of applications and various technological aids at their disposal, there’s one small question; which ones to use?

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Why Employee Retention Matters - Even to Recruiters

Show us a company that is struggling to stay afloat, and we’ll show you a company that has a high turnover of staff. Because when it comes to business success, employee retention isn’t just another aspect to consider; it’s everything.

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We Need To Talk About Money - Why Salary Is An Interview Taboo

It’s an undeniable truth that people, in general, are uncomfortable when it comes to discussing money. Whether it’s asking how much a service is going to cost or letting our friends know how much tax we pay, it seems that once money comes into the equation, the vast majority of people simply clam up.

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What We Learned At ERE Recruiting Conference 2017

Last week we had the privilege of sponsoring the ERE Recruiting Conference in San Diego. Held twice a year in multiple locations, the ERE Recruiting Conference is a coming together of thought leaders and decision makers in the recruitment sphere. The underlying theme for this year’s conference was The Future of Recruiting. Needless to say then, we learned a lot. For those of you who missed out on the conference, or even those who want a quick digest after attending, here are our top takeaways from ERE Recruiting Conference Spring 2017.

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3 Benefits of Talent Mapping: Making the Most of Your Industry's Top Players

Talent mapping is not a new concept - recruiters have been knowingly and subconsciously using this strategy for years. Drawing a visual map that tells you where top talent lies, and how to reach them seems like an intuitive process for recruiters. However, using competitive intelligence to combine sourcing and pipelining is much more about strategy than intuition.

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