So your candidate is expecting a child – what’s the big deal?

When it comes to equality in the workplace and employee rights, it’s fair to say that we’re no longer in the dark ages. However, recent news coming out of the US would suggest that one company (or recruiter) didn’t get the memo that we should be treating all candidates fairly.

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Interview: How to Make Your Posts POP on Google for Jobs

This week we caught up with Shane Gray from to find out exactly what we as recruiters can do to get the most out of our job posts on Google for Jobs. A veteran of technology business development and strategy with the uncanny ability to distill a complex issue into something that is clearly understandable, Shane has helped hundreds of businesses meet their objectives and grow. He jumped into the HRTech arena in 2014 with Clinch and established the firm as one of the hottest entrants in the Talent Engagement and Marketing sector.

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How to Deal with Candidates with a Checkered Past

There are certain red flags that we recruiters are always on the lookout for, but sometimes these apparent warning signs might do the candidate a dis-service. For example, a poor academic record doesn’t necessarily equate to an employee with a poor aptitude for office-based work.

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Boost Your Recruitment Approach With SMS Texting

If you are a recruiter, it's time to modernize your recruitment approach. If you aren't using SMS texting to reach out to potential job seekers, you are missing out on a young, vibrant and eager-to-work demographic. When job seekers sign up for a job board to see what is available, permission to text these job seekers can be worked into the signup process. This means that when you send out a text to potential job seekers, they have already shown interest in working for your company.

Contact us today to request your Demo and start changing the way you do  recruitment.

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Mobile Recruiting – Are You Doing It Right?

These days, when it comes to recruitment, mobile is pretty much king. With 86% of candidates beginning their job search on a mobile device, it’s no real surprise that mobile optimization is pretty high on a recruiter’s to-do list for each and every campaign. But is making sure you have a responsive career site enough? Or is there more to this whole mobile thing?

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