Employer Branding: Accepting Mental Health As a Part of Workplace Happiness

Let's talk about mental health. It's often overlooked in the workplace, despite having a more significant effect on productivity than physical illness or injury. So why do we ignore it? In 2017, why are we still allowing old stigmas to get in the way of employee happiness?

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How a non-inclusive workplace can damage your brand

Course lecturers for years to come will no doubt point to the bro-culture led environment that former Uber employee Susan Fowler exposed earlier this year as the perfect example of a non-inclusive workplace. A place where women have little or no respect from their peers and those in the minority are either ignored or looked down upon.

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Everything You Need to Know About Google for Jobs

When Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed the rumours of Google’s new job search engine, Google for Jobs, many in the recruitment industry wondered why it had taken the self-proclaimed leaders of the internet so long to break into a $200 billion industry.

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Passive Attraction - Getting Your Company Noticed by Passive Candidates

LinkedIn’s recent article on the top companies of 2017 and their methodology in compiling the list got us thinking about what it is that attracts people to these businesses. It also made us wonder how we in the recruitment industry can do more to make our own companies and the workplaces we recruit for more attractive to candidates. Can we follow their lead?

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AI Is the Future of Recruitment, and the Future Is Now

There’s a lot of talk these days about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is slowly making its way into the recruitment industry. And while some recruiters paint a picture of doom and gloom others are ready to embrace this new technology. One thing both camps are agreed on though is the fact that ‘the robots are coming’ with the phrase used ad nauseam in blog posts and articles in every corner of the internet.

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