AI Is the Future of Recruitment, and the Future Is Now

There’s a lot of talk these days about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is slowly making its way into the recruitment industry. And while some recruiters paint a picture of doom and gloom others are ready to embrace this new technology. One thing both camps are agreed on though is the fact that ‘the robots are coming’ with the phrase used ad nauseam in blog posts and articles in every corner of the internet.

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How to Create the Perfect Employee Offboarding Process

There was a time not so long ago that an employee leaving may have coaxed the CEO from their office for an obligatory handshake and a slice of the ‘Sad to see you go’ cake in the canteen. Thankfully, the recruitment industry and those that work in HR are now clued-in to the fact that this is not quite what offboarding means. With this in mind, companies are now working hard to ensure that each phase of an employee’s work cycle is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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Hiring For Cultural Fit - How To Do It Right

It’s the great debate of the recruitment industry; What do we value more, skills or culture fit?

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The Recruiter's Toolbox - Essential Recruitment Tools and Systems

The life of a recruiter is rarely an easy one. From reviewing hundreds of resumes to arranging interview times that suit dozens of candidates and their prospective employers, their working life is a never-ending to-do list.

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Why Employee Retention Matters - Even to Recruiters

Show us a company that is struggling to stay afloat, and we’ll show you a company that has a high turnover of staff. Because when it comes to business success, employee retention isn’t just another aspect to consider; it’s everything.

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