How to Deal with Candidates with a Checkered Past

There are certain red flags that we recruiters are always on the lookout for, but sometimes these apparent warning signs might do the candidate a dis-service. For example, a poor academic record doesn’t necessarily equate to an employee with a poor aptitude for office-based work.

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Boost Your Recruitment Approach With SMS Texting

If you are a recruiter, it's time to modernize your recruitment approach. If you aren't using SMS texting to reach out to potential job seekers, you are missing out on a young, vibrant and eager-to-work demographic. When job seekers sign up for a job board to see what is available, permission to text these job seekers can be worked into the signup process. This means that when you send out a text to potential job seekers, they have already shown interest in working for your company.

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Mobile Recruiting – Are You Doing It Right?

These days, when it comes to recruitment, mobile is pretty much king. With 86% of candidates beginning their job search on a mobile device, it’s no real surprise that mobile optimization is pretty high on a recruiter’s to-do list for each and every campaign. But is making sure you have a responsive career site enough? Or is there more to this whole mobile thing?

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The Big Data Question - How Are You Handling Yours?

At this point, there’s no need to extol the virtues of big data. We in the recruitment industry are well aware that these days, big data is everything. But what are you doing with yours? And are you making the most of the information at your disposal?

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The Benefits of Automated Recruitment Marketing - and Who Does It Best

Recruitment is marketing.

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