January 20, 2017 9:25 AM

The AI Poised To Disrupt Recruiting

Meet Olivia. And Mya. And Arya. These three women are the latest Artificial Intelligence tools aiming to disrupt the process of recruiting. You haven’t stepped into a science fiction movie, these tools are currently available to recruiters and companies looking to streamline their recruiting process.

In our post AI Is the Future of Recruitment, and the Future Is Now we have explained how Artificial Intelligence is affecting recruitment, and similar to vsource, these AI tools reduce the work required from you on high volume recruiting tasks. So let’s get to know them better:

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Produced by Recruiting.Ai, Olivia is your “Personal Recruiting Assistant”. Built on years of industry experience, Olivia uses machine learning to create an intuitive hiring process that is more than just a post-application questionnaire. Rather than the traditional candidate experience of research, fill out an extensive application form to apply and wait is transformed by Olivia. Instead of waiting for a candidate to make a decision to apply on their own, Olivia starts a conversation with the candidate when they first express interest in the company or a specific role.                                            

From this very first interaction Olivia builds up data-points, leading the conversation through her unique machine learning ability. This conversation naturally flows to create a profile within the recruiters database, allowing recruiters to build a tailored list of interested prospects. Recruiting.Ai has been promoting Olivia at conferences and industry events recently, and currently they accepting names on their website for when Olivia officially launches. This leaves me wondering if the team behind Olivia can keep up with the interest in the “next big thing” for recruitment. If you have the time to wait, Olivia might be worth checking out.



Introducing MyaMya was created by Mya Systems, formerly known as FirstJob, as a tool to help recruiters manage large candidate databases. As a tool, Mya follows the standard chatbot format and helps recruiters by gathering multiple data points in a natural language style. Recruiters can also use Mya to remain engaged with their candidate database, maintaining their candidate pipeline. First Job claim that Mya can automate up to 75% of the qualifying process - allowing you to save time and only reach out to candidates that meet your requirements. 


Finally we would like you to meet Arya. Created by Leoforce, Arya impresses with natural language processing, behavioural pattern recognition and the use of big data in machine learning. She follows the same chatbot format as Mya, and claims to be able to source candidates through automated searches. However, Arya also claims to eliminate human bias, and this - among other factors - leaves me wondering if Arya really aims to eliminate the human factor altogether. Recruiting is a personal game, and the human touch of getting to know candidates and reassuring candidates can easily be lost when the process is completely automated.


At the end of the day, recruiters know that their time is a valuable finite resource - whether it is spent finding the perfect candidate, speaking to talented people, or getting to know a company better and using an AI tool like Olivia, Mya or Arya can certainly help to save your time. Just don’t get lost in the automation, with vsource you will find a combination between smart sourcing tech and expert insights, request a Demo bellow to learn more.

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