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March 17, 2020 8:50 AM

It’s all about the data: TA & Data - speaking the Language of the CEO

Spend any time in a board meeting or chatting with the CEO about work-related matters and very soon one thing becomes clear — c-level executives are all about the data.

They live for facts and figures. Data is what keeps them up at night as they ponder their next major business decision. But most importantly, it’s how the successful ones help a company grow.

So it makes absolute sense that the departments and leaders whose input the CEO values most are those that can back up their proposals with solid data.

In the not so distant past, this value placed in data left the recruiter or HR professional at a disadvantage. While they had plenty of stats and figures for the hires they made, this data carried little weight at board level, particularly when it came to business strategy.

Using analytics to open the TA conversation

Thankfully, with the emergence of analytics as a key component in the talent acquisition process, recruiters have a little more to offer in terms of strategic data.
Recruiters are now in a position to not only speak about skills gaps and future talent needs but have the data to back up their findings.
This data-driven approach to talent acquisition has cast the recruiter in a new light. C-level executives now see the average recruiter not just as someone who makes a hire but someone who makes a strategic hire.
The distinction between the two really cannot be overstated. To work proactively and with a forward-thinking strategy in mind is precisely what CEOs value most in their employees. And it’s this slight shift in attitude towards talent acquisition and those who carry it out that could result in TA leaders becoming key stakeholders in long-term business planning.

The data that CEOs want to know

So all this talk about data and talent acquisition and we’ve yet to touch on the actual things that CEOs want to hear about.
So how about employee retention for a start? According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends Report recruiters who used big data in their talent acquisition efforts were able to increase employee retention rates by 56%.
We can also use big data to tell our CEOs where there is a shortage of talent in the industry. This data can be used to help existing employees upskill accordingly and future-proof the company against any expected talent gaps.
Every c-level executive knows that a diverse workforce is a productive and innovative workforce. They want to know how they can create a truly diverse workforce and where they can target the right talent to meet their diversity goals. As a recruiter with access to big data and talent acquisition analytics, you’re perfectly positioned to answer these questions.
As you can see, talent acquisition leaders have the potential to become valued stakeholders in the growth and success of a business. All they need to know is how to speak the language of their CEOs.

If you’d like to know more about the importance of talent acquisition in business growth, watch our  webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table


Webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table



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Webinar TA securing a spot at the Exec Table



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