August 12, 2019 6:14 AM

Is It Time to Refresh Your Candidate Data?


Candidate data can change like the weather. One day they’re in a job they love, the next they’re out there looking for a new challenge. But unless you’re in the habit of calling every candidate in your pipeline on a weekly basis (if only that were possible) then there’s a strong chance much of your current data is out of date.

So what’s the solution?

Well, we think you already know the answer to the rhetorical question we posed in the title. You see, it’s always time to refresh your candidate data because like we said, it can change like the weather.


Does data really change that quickly?

In a word, yes.

According to research carried out by global staffing firm Robert Half, 64% of professionals believe that changing job every few years is beneficial for their career. The same survey also found that among millennials aged 18-34, 75% of those polled believed that job hopping was good for their career.

Given that you may have passive candidates in your pipeline for a year or more, we’d say that it’s highly likely they’ve moved on to another role. And if not, they could be considering it right about now.

But it’s not just their position or employment status that can change.

A study of 1,253 professionals carried out by Hays found that 96% of those surveyed thought that upskilling was important. The same study also found that 84% would not take a role that didn’t offer an opportunity to develop their skills while 45% said they would turn down a position if there were no formal training opportunities on the table.

With this in mind, it’s conceivable that the candidates in your pipeline have improved their current skills or acquired new ones since you last spoke to them. Skills that could see them suited to roles that they may not have been suited to in the past.

Then there’s the basic data such as contact details, address, and even, in some cases, surnames which may also have changed.

So yes, data candidate data does really change that quickly.

Now, the question is – what do you do about it?


The old school approach

We have mentioned on occasion (many occasions to be exact) that it’s always good to stay in touch with your candidates. And yes, that includes the unsuccessful ones.

Getting on the phone every now and then or dropping them an email is the perfect way to nurture your passive clients while also keeping up to date on their current skills and job status.

We like this approach for obvious reasons but it’s not always possible to maintain such a healthy relationship with everyone in your pipeline. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to call the thousands of candidates in your database.

Another option would be to manually check your candidate data and verify their details and current position on LinkedIn. Now, this would be hugely time-consuming and anyone who is currently working on refreshing data in this way has our utmost respect. That’s tough work indeed.


How to efficiently refresh your candidate data

These days, the industry is all about speed and efficiency. With data changing on a daily basis (like the weather, right?) it’s now more important than ever for a company to have the most up to date data on the candidates in their database. Anything less, and thousands of potential hires could slip under the radar due to inaccurate data.

There are tools that can automate the old school approaches we mentioned earlier but we prefer a more integrated approach that makes use of all the data currently in your ATS. By refreshing this data, not only do you ensure that your candidate information is up to date, you also remove older job postings and keep your listing data current. You may not realize it, but old listings on careers pages or filled roles that have yet to be removed can be an instant turn off for potential candidates.

So as you can see refreshing that ATS data really is crucial to your recruitment efforts but it’s one of those time-consuming tasks that may not be high on your list of priorities.

While the maintenance of your ATS is something that you often must handle yourself, updating that candidate database is something that we here at vsource can help with.

Using our innovative methods which combine human intuition with our own in-house technology, we have the ability to update your candidate data live. We can ensure that you have the most current data available for each candidate in your pipeline so we can match them to suitable roles within your company. 

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