July 25, 2018 4:24 AM

How vsource Can Hack Your Recruitment Process

Hack this, hack that, it seems that nowadays there’s a hack for everything and anything. From seemingly innocuous things like getting out of bed on time to more complex issues such as securing business finance, if you find something remotely difficult, there’s a hack to help you out. Now, we’re not a company that likes to jump on bandwagons too often, but in this case, we’re all aboard as we explain to you how here at vsource, we can help you hack your recruitment process and help to build a more modern approach.


Time is everything

As a busy recruiter, we’re sure that you are all too aware that in this industry, time is your most valuable commodity. If we had a penny for every one of our clients that told us they wish there was more time in the day… well, let’s just say we’d have a lot of pennies.

We’ve spoken to you before about accelerating your time to hire and the variety of ways that you can do so such as setting attainable goals and cutting down on time-wasting processes. But on this occasion, we’re going to toot our own horn ever so slightly. Yes, vsource has the potential to save you an incredible amount of time by automating some processes and taking responsibility for others right out of your hands.

Last year we launched our platform Amplify, and since then we have had some great feedback from its users. Using this information, we implemented some changes and made a few tweaks to bring you a platform that does everything you need it to.

The new vsource dashboard allows you easy access to the most essential information in your recruitment process. You can see how you rated previously sourced candidates, the number of candidate profiles which have direct email contacts, and how your talent pool has grown thanks to your dedicated sourcing consultants. But most importantly from a time-saving perspective is the ability to see a list of the best candidates within your pool based on your previous likes, dislikes, and the job requirements.

So yes, you could say that vsource saves you a fair chunk of time each and every day. Is this a recruitment hack? We’re inclined to think so.


You can’t put a price on quality

When it comes to quality of hires, there’s no price you can put on it. Unfortunately, many recruiters waste their time and money on ineffective methods and software that value quantity over quality. Here at vsource, we do things a little differently.

While speed is of the essence, it’s just as important (if not more so) to ensure that every candidate is, first and foremost, qualified for the job. This cuts down a great deal on time wasted on bad leads later in your recruitment funnel. Now, there are no foolproof methods that guarantee every candidate is ‘the right stuff’ but we feel that our unique blend of technology and human intuition and experience puts us pretty close to creating that perfect talent pool of qualified prospects.


It’s all in the details

The integrity of your candidate database is paramount to the success of any recruitment drive. For example, do all of your candidate profiles list the correct contact information? Is their current employment information up to date? How many times have you wasted a morning trying to contact candidates in your pool only to find that they have moved on or have changed numbers? Probably more than you’d like to admit.

Ensuring that all of this data is not only correct but also easily accessed is a massive step in the right direction and helps you a great deal when it’s time to hire. And yes, you guessed right, data integrity is kind of a big deal to us.

If vsource can help you make contact with the right candidates with a minimum of fuss, then we have achieved our goal and hacked the recruitment process just a little along the way.


Diversity made simple

In case you haven’t noticed, diversity is kind of a big thing in the world of recruitment right now. Whether it’s from a cultural aspect, in relation to gender, or even generational diversity, one thing is clear; a diverse workforce is the happiest and most productive one.

But sourcing with diversity in mind can be a somewhat daunting undertaking. With so many other candidate aspects to worry about, it can sometimes be left to the side. However, with vsource on your team, you can build an incredibly diverse candidate pipeline with a minimum of fuss while also staying on the right side of labour laws. We’ll even help you set realistic diversity goals that won’t see you falling at the first hurdle.

Now if that’s not a time-saving recruitment hack, then we’re not quite sure what is.

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So as you can see, integrating vsource into your hiring process could be the best recruitment hack of all time. Okay, maybe not quite that big but there’s no doubt that not only can we help you reduce your time to hire but we can also ensure that you’re getting a diverse group of high-quality candidates to the interview stage. As far as recruitment hacks go, we’d say that those are pretty good ones.

Want to learn a little more about how we can help you? Then request a demo today, and we’ll even let you take a look at our slick new dashboard.

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