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October 15, 2020 11:35 AM

D&I in the Hiring Process: Asking the Right Questions

In our upcoming webinar, D&I Beyond the Tech Stack, we discuss the various aspects of diversity and inclusion in recruitment and how to create a roadmap for a successful D&I rollout. 

One of the first topics we discuss is the importance of asking the right questions in the hiring process. 

Our speakers for the webinar, Tom Jones of Vera Whole Health, Joanne Lockwood of SEE Change Happen, Jim Berrisford of Rezoomo and Joe Aburdene from vsource will take us through this topic in much more detail, so today we’re just going to touch on the fundamentals. 

The importance of candidate awareness 

Without diving too deep down the rabbit hole that is hiring for cultural fit, we’ll just say that it’s vital that your candidates have a basic understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

How do you do that? 

Well, this can be a somewhat challenging undertaking. But one potential method is to set specific parameters related to your D&I initiatives around candidate screening processes. This can ensure that you target candidates based on their prior experience, personality traits, and aptitude for a particular role or environment. 

You can, of course, set up these parameters within your automated screening software, but it’s also a good idea to create a dedicated recruiter screening guide. This guide will include specific instructions for your recruitment team to follow as they whittle down applicants to those moving into the interview stage. 

But screening can only do so much of the work. The rest is up to the interview panel or the hiring manager. This is why it’s crucial to also create an in-depth interview guide that lists the key questions that interviewers should ask of all potential candidates. 

How to ask questions?

Before we talk about the questions, let’s first talk about how we ask those questions. You see, it’s not as simple as asking outright. 

You need to remain objective at all times. Give no hints as to your own personal feelings on a topic or movement. Use non-confrontational language that encourages honesty no matter what their opinion/feelings are. 

It’s also important to time the questions right. For example, you wouldn’t start an interview by immediately asking a candidate for their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. 

So what are the key questions?

There are quite a few and we’ll delve much deeper into each with the panelists during the webinar, but here are a couple for you to think on beforehand. 

Ask about a certain topic

The most obvious and easiest way to get started is to ask about an event, a government policy, or a movement. Encourage them to be honest as you’re simply asking their opinion and pay close attention not only to their answers but also how they answer. 

Ask about their understanding of D&I 

The idea here is not just to get a feel for their understanding but to get them talking about the topic on their own terms. Let them have the floor, so to speak, and they may just reveal their innermost thoughts without you having to delve too deeply into a specific topic. 

As we said earlier, there are many other aspects related to asking the right questions that we’ll go into in more detail with both Tom and Joanne during our webinar. 

So if you’d like to reserve a spot and learn more about their thoughts on the matter, then feel free to click the link below. 

Webinar D&I Beyond The Tech Stack

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