November 04, 2016 8:56 AM

Combat Hiring Problems With Diversity Sourcing

Diversifying the workplace has become increasingly important to any company hoping to stay relevant. From growing start-ups to international corporations such as GoDaddy and Intel, companies have a rising demand for services aimed at boosting diversity and inclusion. Oftentimes, companies face a number of obstacles and lack the necessary diversity by no fault of their own. Some of these obstacles include a lack of objective insight, a limited availability of talent, and unconscious inherent bias.


While it may seem elementary, insufficient knowledge of potential candidates is frequently at the heart of a hiring quandary. If data regarding talent pools and industry averages remains unknown, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do any sort of accurate gap analysis. Our tools offer an accessible, visual breakdown of the data so that you are armed with the necessary information to make hiring decisions.


To further compound the difficulties, recruiters often face a significant challenge finding appropriate applicants. As technology rapidly evolves, so too must our hiring tactics. This is why vsource sidesteps these common problems by offering cutting edge solutions for sourcing candidates. Diversity Solutions offers an end to this struggle by finding more diverse candidates in a shorter amount of time so that you have near instantaneous access to the largest talent pool possible. A simple talent pool map will allow you to see the availability of diverse talent in your area and make decisions about your ability to hire and hit your diversity targets.


In an effort to build a cohesive working environment, companies can sometimes fall into a hiring pattern which lacks the necessary inclusivity to truly reach its full potential. These minor inherent biases snowball over time and can really stunt a company’s growth. Thanks to Diversity Solutions’ blind hiring tool, you can view candidates’ qualifications without seeing their names, photos, or other information that contributes to any underlying bias. Hiring becomes straightforward, modernized, and responsible.


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If you need to learn more about diversity and how it can change your work environment have a look to our diversity strategy.   

However, if you already know all about it and achieving a vibrant workplace that fosters innovation, celebrates diversity, and yields prolific results is your goal, Diversity Solutions by vsource has you covered. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us to see if our product is appropriate for you, and check back in the coming weeks for more in-depth information regarding our services. 


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