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7 recruitment predictions for 2019

2018 has been a great year for recruitment. From workplace diversity to the gender pay gap, we’ve seen some great strides taken from a social perspective. Not only that but with AI continuing in its role of prominence, it has been a great year for productivity in the industry. So now comes the question; can 2019 get any better? After taking our annual look into the office crystal ball (yes, we actually have one) here are some of our predictions for recruitment in 2019.


1. AI to become more efficient

As it stands right now, there are hundreds of tools and applications that make use of artificial intelligence to streamline recruitment processes. Technological breakthroughs have come thick and fast in recent years, and so this is hardly surprising. However, we expect to see AI advances plateau somewhat as developers target their efforts not on offering new features but on making those that are currently available more efficient.

AI in recruitment has gone mainstream and so has moved out of the development/rising trend phase and is now at a point where productivity and results will define a tool’s success. Great news for the busy recruiter.


2. Inbound recruiting to take a foothold

So what is inbound recruitment anyway? Well, as you probably know, already it’s a strategy whereby you continuously seek to attract the best talent in the business by strengthening your employer brand. This can be done with authoritative content on the company blog, social media posts, and through celebrating your work culture.

The idea is to make candidates come to you and want to work for you rather than you seeking them out and offering them a job. There has already been a shift in the industry towards the inbound model, and we fully expect 2019 to see recruiters ramp up their content marketing and social media strategies as they adapt to a candidate-driven market.


3. Chatbots to dominate the pre-screening process

Chatbots have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s the e-commerce industry or here in recruitment, there’s no denying the fact that they have improved customer/candidate experience tenfold.

But as you know, chatbots aren’t just about engaging a candidate. They also provide us with an excellent opportunity to pre-screen applicants by asking simple questions before allowing a potential candidate to proceed with their application.

Now we know what you’re thinking, this was something that was quite the trend in 2018, and while that’s true, very few companies actually took note of industry advice. 2019 will be different with chatbots becoming a key component of the recruitment process. You heard it here first!


4. Less focus on data collection, more focus on action

Data collection is essential in recruitment but it’s not just the data that you collect that’s important, it’s what you do with it.

Of course, we’re not for a moment suggesting that employers and recruiters have been collecting data for years without actually making good use of it. But we are saying that in 2019, providers of analytics tools will no longer simply provide insights but will direct employers and recruiters on the best action to take.

This ties in closely with our prediction that AI will become more efficient. Data technology has reached a plateau, and as such, the software or platform that not only provides analytics but also suggests the right action to take could be the one that leads the way.


5. Candidate relationship management to take centre stage

Last year was the year of candidate experience, and the industry embraced it with vigor. In this candidate-driven market, it’s essential that we make the entire hiring process as smooth and engaging as possible if we are to attract the best talent. But you know this already, right?

In 2019, we expect to see more focus placed on candidate relationship management (CRM) to ensure that all of those prospects remain warm and engaged while they wait for the perfect role to come along. This means that CRM technology will be a must-have item for any recruiter’s toolbox.


6. Employee referrals will rule the roost

Yes, we’ve beat this drum before, and we’re going to do so again. Employee referral programs improve candidate quality, and 2019 will see companies take this on board as they look to reduce employee turnover rates.

With the value of these programs far outweighing the relatively low cost of rewarding the referring employee, it’s quite astonishing that employers throughout the world have yet to make this a key factor in their hiring processes. And this is despite the fact the 88% of employers rank referred hires as the best new employees. Well, 2019 is going to change all of that, and in a very big way too.


7. Video to attract talent

In 2018 the use of video in marketing was king. And you know how we feel about the relationship between recruitment and marketing, right? With such positive results through the use of video in marketing campaigns, it’s only a matter of time before video begins to dominate the recruitment industry.

We’ve already seen video used to great effect in social recruitment but could 2019 be the year or the video job posting? Another possibility is that recruiters will start to take advantage of video messaging to outline a role to potential candidates. A quick 30-second video would be a far more personal touch than an email or text. Remember what we said earlier about candidate relationship management.


So what do you think about our predictions? Are you already implementing so of these trends and approaches in your recruitment efforts? If not, then it may be time to review your processes as we head into a new year full of possibilities. And if you need some help with streamlining any of your current methods, then perhaps we can help out in some small way. For example, with a vsource sourcing consultant on your team, you can leave the talent sourcing to us while you focus your efforts on adopting an inbound recruitment strategy. And that’s just one way that we can help.

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