February 02, 2017 1:35 PM

5 Ways to Modernize Your Recruitment Approach

Last week I had the privilege of attending #tru Dublin 2017. The event is a series of discussion tracks that present the creative minds moving international recruitment forward. Throughout the sessions, there was  a definite trend towards new recruitment technologies. Recruiting is a large and diverse field, and there are new tools springing up in every direction promising the world. But how can you efficiently modernize your recruitment?

Applicant Tracking Systems

While it’s not a new idea to use software to manage your candidate database, more and more ATSs are releasing new and improved offerings. While recruiters expect a streamlined process that tracks their applicants from beginning to end, many ATS providers now offer data-centered insights, automated tasks and touch-points, and customization with industry specific features. Included in many of these ATS enhancements is the ability to post jobs across multiple platforms - from job boards to social media, and to track engagement with candidates on social media in real-time. These modern ATS platforms create a more engaging and insightful relationship with candidate from beginning to end.


Collaborative tools are relatively new to the recruitment scene - where traditionally recruiters work on individual clients alone and rewards lie solely on the individual. Emerging functionalities now allow recruiters in the same company to view candidates from other recruiters’ talent pools. Tools such as Comeet encourage collaboration throughout the entire hiring team - recruiters, hiring managers, executive management and peers. Recruiterbox is an ATS that encourages recruiters to bring current employees in on the decision, including managing an employee referral program and involvement in the interview or hiring process. Expand your talent pool and build better relationships with collaborative recruitment.


At first glance it may seem detrimental to recruiters to outsource some of their workload - after all, relationships are built from that very first point of contact. But what if you had more time to engage and build those relationships? Many recruitment teams are now choosing to outsource their candidate sourcing to vsource. In sourcing passive candidates, vsource allows you to expand your talent pool while still making sure that you are the candidates’ first point of contact. Add talent mapping and talent analytics to the mix and you are ready to reach out to candidates with a rich knowledge of their career and educational experience. Maintaining relationships with your vsource candidate pipeline means you are the person they turn to when it’s time for a change.

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Gone are the days of expensive and time consuming interview processes. You no longer need to spend excessive amounts of time verifying candidates' skills before interviewing. Recruitment chatbots now conduct a large amount of the top-of-the-funnel screening, while video interview software and real-time online skills testing means you’re sure before you choose who travels. Pick up cues like body language and personality on a deeper level than phone interviews, and see candidates’ workflows as they prove their skills right in front of you.

Career Websites

We’ve all seen it. The careers section on a company website that falls flat - a static page with some vague information about the company’s ethos and an email to contact if you’re interested. It’s time to shake things up - look at your careers site as a marketing tool. Tell candidates why they want to work with you, using smart forms to trigger different information sections. Include personal stories from your employees to make sure candidates already feel as though they fit in. Track candidates’ movements across the pages of these sites to see where their interests lie before proactively reaching out to them.

Twenty-first century technology moves so fast that it can be hard to keep up with the changes. Modernising your recruitment process isn’t just a matter of some helpful tips - it’s a necessary change that will move you forward towards better relationships and better recruitment.


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