March 09, 2017 6:11 AM

5 Easy Ways to Expand Your Talent Pipeline

For a recruiter, having a talent pipeline is like having a safety blanket - a swath of material made from great candidates that you can pull around you when times are tough. But like a blanket how a talent pipeline is woven will determine how warm it is when you need it. Building a talent community from your pipeline will keep your leads warm and can determine how willing candidates are to move jobs when you approach them.

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But as a recruiter you’re a busy person so how do you nurture a talent community without getting overwhelmed at work? These 5 tips will help you meet and build relationships with candidates who are perfect for your pipeline.

1. Source directly into your pipeline

The idea of placing runner up candidates into your pipeline can mean a pipeline of ten or twenty candidates that you genuinely feel could be a great fit in the future. But what if your pipeline could be fifty qualified candidates? What about one hundred or more? Sourcing candidates directly into your pipeline is a great way to grow that list. Start by developing a list of skills and traits that fit well with your company or industry.

Get more specific by identifying competitors who hire similar candidates. Being prepared in advance is crucial to the success of your pipeline. Sourcing into your pipeline throughout the year, and especially during slower activity periods will determine how valuable your pipeline is when the time to hire comes. Decide how important your pipeline is to you and dedicate an appropriate amount of your sourcing activities to building out your pipeline - or let vsource do it for you.

2. Host events

Hosting a quarterly networking event for your talent pipeline is where you will build this into a community. Nurturing your pipelined candidates will ensure that they are getting value out of the relationship as well. Invite this network to bring along colleagues for networking opportunities and build your pipeline at the same time. This saves costs and time opposed to meeting each candidate regularly for a coffee, and allows networking amongst candidates as well.  

Hosting events with a relevant speaker can also encourage engagement, and leave candidates feeling enriched by their relationship with you.

3. Build an online community

Whether it’s an online forum, a social media group or just an email group, connect with your talent community regularly online. You can post about upcoming job fairs, talks, or events that you are hosting. Use this platform to invite candidates to conferences you are attending or speaking at. Allow discussions amongst candidates but monitor the tone to a degree - the aim of this community is to enrich your talent community and you want to keep it positive.

4. Source from your talent community

The real aim from your talent community is to have an active and engaged talent pipeline when you need to hire. Use your online community and events to listen out for changes in industry and to prepare candidates for a hiring rush when you have a large number of roles to fill. Keeping your talent community engaged means that you can reach out and immediately discuss roles, even to passive candidates. Hiring directly from your talent community also adds value for the candidates and keeps them engaged - wrapping that safety blanket tightly around you.


5. Check your work!

It might sound like you're back in school, but it's so important to check your work after you have put in all of that effort. Measure the health of your talent pipeline and ensure that you are on the right track. That way, when you're ready to hire you know you have that great candidate waiting for you.


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We are in a recruitment era where candidates are moving jobs more than ever before, but also have more choice and benefit options than ever before. Building relationships and adding value to candidates’ experiences is no longer an option but a necessity. Get ahead of the curve and start building your talent community today. Reach out to vsource to help you get started.


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