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April 29, 2019 4:00 PM

4 Tips for Sourcing Outside of LinkedIn

There’s no doubt that as far as professional networking platforms go, LinkedIn is the top dog. With its lack of internet fluff, there’s no fear that a recruiter will end up down a rabbit hole of cute animal videos and funny memes. But despite being a great hunting ground for recruiters, the platform does have its limitations. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to consider alternative options.

Before we get to those, let’s take a look at why LinkedIn is no longer the incredible pool of talent it once was.

The trouble with LinkedIn

As great as it is, candidates are growing sick and tired of LinkedIn.

Yes, there may be 590 million users on the platform with 260 million of those being monthly active users. And yes, 44% of those users check their profile daily.

But the growing trend of mass messaging potential candidates without even qualifying them as leads has seen people start to grow weary of that message received notification.

As a result, it has become almost as hard to get a potential candidate to reply to a LinkedIn message as it is to get them to open an email.

This means that we recruiters are once again forced to think outside the box and adapt to the ever-changing preferences of our target candidates.

So what do we do?

We’re glad you asked.

1. Look closer to home

Did you know that your best recruiter might not even be a recruiter?

The current members of staff (no matter which department they work in) are an underutilized source of potential candidates.

You see, every happy employee in a company (and they should all be happy) is a bonafide brand ambassador. All it takes is a referral reward program to get them working with you to fill vacant roles.

And before you ask, yes, referral programs do improve candidate quality which, as you can guess, makes life much easier for a busy recruiter.

With higher quality candidates coming with recommendations from people who actually know them and their personalities, this can have an incredibly positive effect on your efforts to recruit.

So before you start posting on jobs boards, start in the company coffee room. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective an approach this can be.

2. Make passive a priority

With 90% of global professionals interested in hearing about new opportunities, it’s time to get real about passive recruitment.

This particular statistic is why so many recruiters love to source potential candidates from LinkedIn. After all, the vast majority of users on the platform are working full-time. But remember what we said earlier about candidates on LinkedIn? It’s not as straightforward as it once was.

Likewise, sourcing passive candidates outside of LinkedIn is incredibly difficult and getting one on the phone even more so. Although they may be open to new opportunities, they likely feel less than enthusiastic about receiving unsolicited emails from recruiters.

So, making your company attractive to passive candidates is the long-term goal. One that you can achieve through clever employer branding and by treating your current staff as your most valuable commodity.

However, there is another much quicker way to get the right candidates into your pipeline; use the data and tools at your disposal.  

At vsource, we rarely have any trouble sourcing candidates for any of our vacant roles, and that’s down to three things. Or rather a powerful combination of three things.

We use artificial intelligence and talent analytics to identify the right pool from which to draw potential candidates. Then we use the talents and experience of our sourcing consultants to gain meaningful human insights into the suitability of each candidate for a role and our work culture.

This way, we can be sure that every candidate we interview is a genuine contender who has the potential to succeed at vsource.

Of course, we’ve spent years perfecting our process so it’s not something that you can just pick up over your lunch break. But if you’re interested, we’d be more than willing to show you how it’s done.

3. Network at non-recruitment events

Aside from the vsource approach (which is obviously best!), this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to source passive candidates outside of LinkedIn.

As you may have guessed by now, passive candidates are highly unlikely to attend recruitment fairs and anything that might make them feel like they are actively seeking a new role.

But you will find them at industry events. And more often than not, the people at these events are the best of a company’s talent.

Talk to everyone and build new relationships all while keeping an eye out for potential candidates. However, don’t sell a vacancy at the event. Engage with those you may feel are a good fit and when you email them a week or two later, they’ll be much more receptive.

You’ve heard it before but it does bear repeating; recruitment is all about building relationships.

4. Broaden your horizons

Of course, every recruiter knows full well that investing too much into one talent pool is an approach fraught with danger. While a certain method may be the best way to source talent outside of LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean that you should concentrate only on it.

Start taking advantage of the platforms and networks that you are already a part of. Consider Twitter, Medium, and yes even Instagram as possible sources for candidates. A lot of people spend time on these networks, and as you may have noticed, candidates are people too.

However, using alternative platforms means that you will have to learn how to adapt accordingly. For example, a potential candidate that uses industry specific keywords in their LinkedIn profile is highly unlikely to use quite as many in their personal profile on another platform.

On Facebook, you might search for industry-specific groups as you would on LinkedIn, while on Twitter and Instagram it’s all about the hashtags.

Broaden your horizons and expand your search to include every online nook and cranny where your potential candidates may spend their time. Trust us; it’s well worth the effort.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly what it is that we do to make that powerful combination of artificial intelligence, talent analytics, and human insight work so well, then get in touch today or better yet, book a free demo. When it comes to sourcing candidates outside LinkedIn, particularly those tricky passive ones, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

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