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September 12, 2019 10:17 AM

4 Reasons Why Augmenting Your Sourcing Team Makes Sense

Automation is everything these days. From candidate outreach to resume screening, it seems that there’s a bot for every recruitment task imaginable.

However, when it comes to sourcing, there’s only so much that a piece of software can handle. Yes, an automated tool can help you identify candidates based on their LinkedIn profiles, but we’re sure you’ll agree that a few keywords in a profile summary does not mean that you’ve found a qualified candidate.

This has led to more and more recruitment departments preferring to augment their sourcing with specific tools or qualified specialists instead of leaving it all to automation.

And with good reason.

Here’s why.

It’s a time saver

So let’s start with the obvious – augmenting your sourcing is without a doubt an incredible time saver.

According to a recent study, recruiters spend 13 hours or about a third of their work week sourcing for a single role while some spend as much as 20 hours.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Your recruitment team could spend the lion’s share of their working week on one task. And that is time that could be better spent working on more meaningful tasks such as nurturing their candidate pipeline.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that augmenting your sourcing can only benefit your recruitment efforts with regards to time. Your team will have more time to focus on building those all-important relationships while they will be under much less pressure to deliver before a deadline.  


It’s cost-effective

But isn’t outsourcing or augmenting any of your in-house processes with fancy tools more expensive in the long-term? That depends on what your current staff will do in the meantime.

Sure, if it means that your team can enjoy extended lunches and indulge in office ping pong tournaments then yes, augmenting your sourcing efforts is going to cost you more.

However, if your recruitment team now has that additional 13 hours per week each, we’d like to think that the extra work they complete in those hours would far outweigh the cost of augmentation.

Take the manufacturing industry for example, where it currently can take 90+ days to replace a skilled employee. Every day that the role is open and the recruitment team are working to find suitable candidates costs the company money. Having a tool or qualified specialist to pick up some of your team’s work will undoubtedly accelerate your time to hire. And that is virtually guaranteed to have a positive effect on the company’s bottom line.


It improves candidate quality

Did you know that according to a CareerBuilder survey, as many as 72% of employers in 2018 struggled to find relevant candidates for their open positions?

The keyword here is, of course, relevant.

Filling your interview calendar with potential candidates is no trouble at all. Filling it with candidates who are not only suitable for the role but also a match for your work culture is another thing entirely.

Another study found that 47% of employers reported very few, and sometimes no applications from qualified candidates.

Both of those statistics are quite staggering and beg the question – are we placing enough importance on our candidate pipelines?

As you are likely well aware, a healthy candidate pipeline is essential. It allows us instant access to a pool of qualified professionals that may contain the right people for an open position.

When we ignore the health of that pipeline, we face an uphill struggle to find suitable candidates in a reasonable timeframe.

However, if you augment your team with a specialist who adds relevant, high-quality candidates to your pipeline on a daily basis, there’s very little chance that you’ll become one of those unenviable statistics we mentioned above.


It improves diversity

Diversity is a big deal in recruitment circles right now which is entirely understandable.

It has been proven that a diverse workforce outperforms its non-diverse counterpart each and every time. In fact, diverse companies perform 35% better thanks to their willingness to diversify their workforce.

However, no matter how great your diversity initiatives are, there’s a chance that unconscious bias could be affecting your efforts.

This is when your recruitment team members inadvertently disqualify certain candidates based on their personal biases. This could be in relation to their gender, age, qualifications, cultural background, or even the perceived notion that as an introvert, they just won’t fit in. And the worst thing about all of this is that your recruiter may not even realise that they are eliminating candidates based on their own personal feelings.

This is where augmenting your team with an experienced specialist shows its true worth. While they will understand the basic working culture of the hiring company and the specific job requirements, an off-site sourcer will have no personal feelings to cloud their judgement.

They will use a combination of technology and their intuition and experience to determine if a potential candidate has a good chance of success. And if required, they can even ensure that people from all backgrounds are equally represented in your candidate pipeline.


Every one of these benefits has the power to have a huge impact on your recruitment efforts. Time and money saved, better quality candidates, and last but by no means least, the ability to build a truly diverse candidate pipeline are all incredible benefits that make augmenting your sourcing team with a qualified specialist a possibility every company should explore.


Are you having trouble meeting deadlines or sourcing the right candidates for open roles? Then, as you may have guessed already, vsource could be the ideal solution to your recruitment woes. Our team of dedicated sourcing consultants love nothing more than a good challenge. We’d even go so far as to say that we thrive on deadlines and diversity targets. Want to learn a little more about how we can help you?

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