March 30, 2017 11:30 AM

3 Benefits of Talent Mapping: Making the Most of Your Industry's Top Players

Talent mapping is not a new concept - recruiters have been knowingly and subconsciously using this strategy for years. Drawing a visual map that tells you where top talent lies, and how to reach them seems like an intuitive process for recruiters. However, using competitive intelligence to combine sourcing and pipelining is much more about strategy than intuition.

Drawing a Visual

At its most basic level talent mapping gives recruiters a unique overview of the talent pool - a visual atlas of where talent is available, and where there is a shortage. The benefits of viewing large candidate pools are obvious, a recruiter can simply target the candidates in an area based on where they currently work, or projects that they are involved in. But the benefits of foreseeing a talent shortage are often overlooked. Similar to succession planning, having an overview of the talent pool is essential for good workforce planning. As a recruiter, your ability to predict a talent shortage allows you to prepare for the future, and any changes that may come. This ability to predict a talent shortage also allows you to review alternative backgrounds and skills that may fill the role, and identify solutions with your hiring managers.

Identifying Top Talent

Talent mapping can do more than simply visualize the number of candidates by location however. More advanced talent mapping projects allow recruiters to visualize the career paths of top talent within their industry. This is particularly effective because the top candidates in any field are almost always already employed. Tracing their paths to their current roles can give you unique insights into their motivations and where they may wish to move to next. As these are most likely passive candidates, this advantage may be the difference between a great match and a missed opportunity. Utilizing the knowledge provided by talent mapping, you can start to build better relationships with passive candidates and get to know who ranks top in their field.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

As well as identifying top talent in industry, advanced talent mapping projects can act as a benchmarking tool to ensure that your strategy and benefits remain competitive. Talent mapping is an essential way to identify and evaluate the actions of competitors, and trends in your field. Trends such as the level of responsibility in each role, the skills and backgrounds that are becoming more prominent in a field, and non-traditional benefits that may be luring candidates to other companies.


Talent mapping is quickly becoming an essential function for recruiters and businesses alike. We know you’d like to be prepared for every eventuality, but it’s hard to know where to start. If you are interested in learning more, or beginning a mapping project of your own, reach out to vsource for a free consultation today.

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