December 20, 2017 7:20 AM

10 Recruitment Predictions for 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to whip out the office crystal ball and have a look at what 2018 has in store for the recruitment industry. Will candidate experience remain a priority? Will recruiters become marketers? And will the well-being of employees continue to influence how companies treat their staff? While we don’t have an actual crystal ball (we really wish we did) we do have the answers to each of these questions in our recruitment predictions for 2018.

1. Genuine focus on workplace diversity

It’s been a trend to talk about the lack of diversity in the workplace for quite some time now, but the truth is that many companies have yet to take any serious steps to address the issue. Of course, for every company that has failed to diversify, there is at least one that is taking positive action. However, it’s still not enough. We predict that 2018 will see us reach a tipping point where attitudes shift, and recruiters make diversity sourcing their number one priority.

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2. An increase in remote workers

Working from home was once something you only did when you had a highly infectious strain of the flu. These days, however, it’s becoming more common for employers to offer this as a perk to their employees. With many companies now fully committed to supporting their employees’ lifestyles (single parents, those with mobility difficulties) we expect a significant rise in the number of telecommuters in the workforce.

3. Analytics and big data will be more important than ever

The industry has embraced the collation of data and its analysis, and we can’t see that changing anytime soon. The benefits of taking the time to gain insights into your processes are there for all to see. In 2018 we expect the industry to go even deeper with their data analysis. Or maybe one of the major players will help us out with another incredible tech development such as those by Google and Microsoft. Facebook perhaps?

4. Facebook to throw a curveball

It’s no secret that Facebook has their eye on the recruitment industry. In October of this year, they teased us with the news that they are currently testing a new work histories feature that in theory should help recruiters source candidates on the social media platform. We don’t think it’s that simple though.

After Google and Microsoft’s huge innovations, Mark Zuckerburg won’t be content with something quite so straightforward. No, we think there’s something else brewing at Facebook HQ, and we can’t wait to see how they plan to outdo their closest rivals.

5. Even more focus on social recruitment

Facebook’s arrival on the recruitment scene could also affect social recruitment, so we’re not quite sure how this particular prediction will pan out. One thing we are sure of, however, is that recruiters will increase their efforts to source and recruit through social media platforms. With 2.46 billion social media users in 2017, it’s a source of talent they simply cannot ignore.

6. AI will continue to dominate

This is, without doubt, a nailed on prediction. We’ve seen far too many amazing developments in the last couple of years that involve AI for us to think that this kind of tech will simply fall by the wayside. Nope, AI is here to stay, and it’s only going to get better in the coming year. Mark our words.

However, AI will not come in the form of an all-encompassing software that some people dream of. We expect more automation but only of those time-consuming tasks. Human interaction will remain key to successful recruitment.

7. Recruitment and marketing departments will work in tandem

The line between recruitment and marketing is becoming more blurred day by day with employer branding being one of the major points of attraction for potential candidates. With this in mind, we expect recruitment and marketing departments to work closely together to build that positive brand image. We might even see a day when companies have one department to cover both. Probably not in 2018 though.

8. Passive candidate sourcing will increase

Currently, we are seeing a skills gap in several industries where, according to a recent survey, as much as 70% of recruiters are struggling to find professionals with the necessary know-how to competently fill a role. With most of the best talent out there already in employment, it’s not difficult to see how that 70% will look to fill their vacant positions. 2018 will see a lot more focus on passive candidate sourcing.    

9. Candidate experience to take centre stage

It pains us to say that in the year 2017 we still see regular posts on LinkedIn and Facebook describing a candidate’s terrible experience at the hands of a recruiter or company. Yes, there have been huge improvements in candidate experience, but it seems that some recruiters are still stuck in the dark ages especially when it comes to communicating with their candidates. This year we expect more improvements as employers realise that their brand image (and their success in attracting the top talent) depends largely on potential employees’ satisfaction with their hiring process.  

10. A rise in collaborative recruitment

We’ve already seen how well collaborative recruitment can work. In fact, here at vsource we provide for this by allowing our users (that’s you) the ability to bring other recruiters on board by assigning them a role so they can also view sourced candidates. In 2018 we expect more recruiters to abandon the solo recruiter mindset, forget about commissions, and start to appreciate the value of working together as a team. 2018 will be the year of the team effort.


There’s no doubt that the recruitment industry is in a period of change. No longer are we intent on filling our talent pools with hundreds of candidates. These days it’s all about quality over quantity with genuine relationships and engagement key to sourcing the best talent. We gather a lot of data when predicting these trends, and we know how to use it to our advantage. Are you using data-driven decisions in your recruitment process?

Is your company ready for this shift in attitudes? Can you confidently say that you source talent with diversity in mind? Or that your recruiters are starting to think like marketers? While we can’t push your recruiters to think a certain way we can help out with diversifying your talent pipeline. At vsource, we walk the walk with an incredibly diverse workforce (we’re talking both culture and gender diversity here) so we kind of know what we’re talking about. Get in touch with us today and we’ll send one of our talented sourcing consultants your way just in time for the new year.

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