6 Ways to Prepare for a Diversity Recruitment Program

A diverse workforce is one that is made up of people from different backgrounds who may have varying levels of education or experience. The group is a healthy mix of genders, age groups, and may also include those with a physical disability.

For some time now, the idea of a diverse workforce has been gathering steam and with good reason. Studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that diverse groups are better in every conceivable way. Take, for instance, the fact that a racially diverse group outperforms a non-diverse group by as much as 35%. Or the fact that teams where both men and women are equal earn 41% more revenue.

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4 Tips for Sourcing Outside of LinkedIn

There’s no doubt that as far as professional networking platforms go, LinkedIn is the top dog. With its lack of internet fluff, there’s no fear that a recruiter will end up down a rabbit hole of cute animal videos and funny memes. But despite being a great hunting ground for recruiters, the platform does have its limitations. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to consider alternative options.

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Reactive vs. Strategic Sourcing – and which approach vsource can help with

Recently we discussed the difference between proactive and reactive recruiting and how a proactive approach is often considered the best option with regards to long-term goals. This started a conversation at vsource HQ about how sourcing can be categorised into two clearly defined approaches; reactive and strategic. It also made us realise that vsource can help a company benefit greatly from one of these approaches but more on that later.

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Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Recruitment Process

Have you ever eliminated a candidate based on tardiness or for wearing the wrong clothes? Have you bumped a candidate up the list because they went to a reputable school? While we like to think we’re objective, the truth is that we recruiters are only human and as such we’re subject to the same unconscious biases as every other person on the planet.

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5 Reasons to Use Talent Mapping in Your Business Growth Strategy

Businesses grow and so too do their employees but why does mapping out the talent at your disposal have any bearing on your growth strategy? We’ve all heard the adage that a company’s greatest asset is its workforce and most people would agree; this is absolutely true. So with this in mind, it makes absolute sense to analyze your employees and potential employees in every conceivable way.

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