vsource was founded in 2007 when CEO James Galvin saw a real need for a combination of technology and sourcing to help solve critical problems in recruitment. Following a number of successful engagements for some of the most celebrated recruitment teams in the world, including Google and Facebook, vsource started to expand its teams in Ireland and Vietnam. In 2008, vsource received investment from Enterprise Ireland and began to diversify its engagements, working with technology, biomedical, retail, finance, and staffing firms across the globe. Since then, the team has grown to over 250 people in three countries, and has connected clients with over 1 million qualified candidates.


vsource combines cutting-edge technology and world class talent sourcing expertise to be the best in the world at connecting growing companies with the insights that they need to hire at scale. Throughout this effort, vsource embodies three core values: Commitment, Conscientiousness and Continuous Improvement.