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Quality Talent Sourcing

Save hours of your recruiters' time by gaining access to a pool of quality candidates.

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Diversity Sourcing

Build stronger teams by having the ability to access diverse candidates that meet your specific needs.

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Talent Engagement

Turn your passive candidate leads into active candidates. Reach out to sourced candidates and perform initial screening.

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Advanced Analytics / TalentMapping

Analytics supporting your decision making. Map talent by skills, qualifications and location and be always ready to hire.

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Candidate Review

Reduce candidate resentment, improve the quality of your pipeline and boost your employer brand with Candidate Review

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Sales Catapult

Sales prospects aligned with your needs. Receive a daily steady flow of curated contacts that match your target profiles!

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Why vsource:

  • Our tech-enabled expert sourcers can save each recruiter up to 20 hours per week
  • Create a talent pool with quality candidates
  • Build a Diverse workforce that fits your company’s needs
  • On-demand highly skilled candidates for hard to fill positions
  • Organize your candidate Database and reduce your time-to-hire
  • The most advanced tech designed by top global data scientists

The Platform

  • Blends seamlessly into your existing systems with ATS and CRM integration
  • The vsource Dashboard puts you back in control
  • Receive new candidate profiles daily
  • Easy to use - even for the most junior recruiter
  • Flexibility - pause and reactivate positions according to your needs
  • Monitor your growth and your recruiters’ activities
  • Technology built for the modern recruiter
our advanced platform

Corporate Social Responsibility

At vsource, we understand that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place. 

We have worked with many organisations throughout the past 10 years by encouraging and supporting the causes our team members admire.

When we care about the world, we care about you!

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