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Gather and analyse competitor data. Ensure you are ahead of the industry in your diversity sourcing. Use our talent sourcing platform to find qualified candidates delivered by our expert sourcers. Start a mapping project and see your database building out in real time. Find your position in the market with industry insights. vsource’s talent sourcing platform and best practice expertise combines state-of-the-art technology with real human insight.

High Volume Candidate Sourcing

Use our talent sourcing solution to find qualified candidates, score candidates against a set of criteria, and ensure that you have the information to make the right decision.

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Data Integrity

The accuracy of your candidate database is essential to your recruitment. vsource helps ensure that your candidate database is in good shape by cleaning and maintaining contact information, social data, and other key fields.

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Diversity Sourcing

Businesses are recognizing the benefits of a diverse workforce, but face a challenge when it comes to finding the necessary talent. Find out how vsource can help your company meet its diversity targets.

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Candidate Pipeline

Continuously identify candidates that match your company values and skills requirements. Candidate Pipeline improves time to hire, provides insights on the talent pool, and helps you to build your employer brand.

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We're building for the future

Talent Analytics Lab

We have some of the top global data scientists working at vsource. Recently we teamed up with Trinity College Dublin and the John von Neumann Institute to build a talent analytics lab. We strive to innovate and have our data scientists focusing on researching and developing advanced data analytics and techniques that can be used for HR, talent acquisition and candidate sourcing.


Talent Analytics Lab

The Edu Hub - Advancing Recruitment Technology

In our commitment to innovation and advancing recruitment technology, our first step begins with our own people. vsource is constantly looking to further the education of our people and teams through our Edu Hub. From our Sourcer Training Academy to Data Analytics placements and further education opportunities, we invest in our own employees education, helping them grow their knowledge and stay on top of the latest techniques and trends.

Edu Hub

Corporate Social Responsibility

At vsource, we understand that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place. Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we support the charities and causes our team members admire. We accomplish this through our direct work with charitable organizations  and through the career development and social environment we’ve developed for our staff around the world.

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